Time for 2009 goals but first a review of how 2008 went.


(copied from my Jan 1 2008 post)

In 2008 I want to….

Always have a pair of socks going on the needles. I joined the SAM5 KAL just for this purpose. I can’t honestly judge if this happened or not. I do know I had socks on the needles that languished for months but knitting a pair a month? Definitely didn’t happen.

Finish the Stacy sweater. Done!

Complete Tomato in time for Seasocks. Done!

Knit another sweater. February Lady Sweater!

Knit a lace wrap. Does the clapotis count?

Process my own fleece. Sort of acheived. I picked and washed the Finn fleece then I saw a moth in the raw fleece on the balcony so I tossed the raw fleeces and bagged up the Finn just in case.  Never saw a moth inside the house thankfully.

Spin a sweater’s worth of yarn (note this does not include knitting the sweater in 2008). Ha! This never even came close to being started.

Spin a true 3ply fingering weight sock yarn. Done! 3 ply fingering weight spun from the first Well Heeled Sock Batts!

Do not end 2008 with more sock yarn than what I started with (31) Amount of sock yarn on December 31st 2008….35.  Fail!

Now for something pretty.

The Solo Silk from Brooks Farm bought at Taos 2008 in the My So Called Scarf pattern. This is my official SnowStorm 2008 scarf since it was knit while Seattle closed down due to snow. I had some serious cabin fever going on by day 10 of being housebound so this was a good way to focus my thoughts.

Now for 2009 goals…

Get around to spinning that sweaters worth of yarn, I have the fiber so why can’t I get around to doing it already?

Finish the never-ending garter stitch log cabin blanket (currently about 30% done).

Learn to steek (EEEK!)

and the big one…..Stashdown 09. Total amount of stash on January 1st 2009 is 222 individual balls/skeins, 31.59lbs, 25.36 miles. 

I decided against a set project goal like 3 sweaters, 20 scarves etc. Instead I’m going for overall stash reduction because I know that once I get a day job again I’m going to want to buy yarn from time to time and an all-out moratorium on yarn purchases will just piss me off.  

The goal?

A 20% stash reduction with a stretch goal of 25%. I will gladly take suggestions on a reward for reaching the stretch goal. Buying yarn as a reward is NOT an option 🙂

And to start the year off right I made a special breakfast.

Eggs Benedict with the smoked bacon I got from The Swinery in November. 

Here’s hoping everyone has a happy and healthy 2009.  I’m personally holding out hope that January 26th will bring good things for me since that is the REAL new year. 🙂