and still without a fulltime job but I have been keeping busy I swear.

I figured my biggest hurdle was making sure I don’t park myself in front of the tv and wallow in my unemployed misery so I’ve been trying to keep focused. I’ve been dyeing up a storm for a big wholesale order and came up with a new colorway series that I will be dyeing up for the shop soon (and possibly making it’s debut at the St Distaff’s event in Everett). 

There has been some knitting, not as much as you would expect considering my jobless status but since I’ve been trying to limit my ‘goofing off’ time to the evenings I haven’t been knitting during the day for the most part. The tv doesn’t get turned on during the day and I don’t get to sit on the couch knitting while the cats fight over the most inconvenient spot to sit on me.  Being home all day does make me realize just how much my cats sleep and also now I have insight on where they sleep. I had assumed only Nicki slept on my bed during the day but in fact Sammy is the one I catch there the most. Go figure.

I do have one FO to show you though. 

The clapotis is done! It was cast off late last night with much joy; then I realized just how many stitches I had to manually drop and that glimmer of joy faded. Apparently the Regal Silk likes to stay where it is so the stitches will only drop with some coaxing. I finally gave up around 1am when I had 7 columns of stitches left to drop down. The first picture shows the true colors more accurately.

Isn’t it pretty? I love how drapey the fabric is, the wrap feels heavier than the 203 grams it is (a mere 5 grams leftover) and I’m looking forward to an excuse to wear this out. This has been a great project to keep me motivated during the evenings, it’s mindless knitting for the most part yet does require attention because of how slippery the silk is. In fact the clap might have been finished earlier if I had been paying more attention. Late Wednesday night I was forced to frog back over 5inches when I discovered I had dropped a stitch that messed up the alignment of the dropped columns. Sigh.

I made yesterday my ‘fun’ day and after trekking down the street to Walgreens for some milk (stupid snow!) I decided I needed something festive in the house.

A Peppermint Vanilla votive made by me! I’ve never made candles before and this was a fun little project. As soon as one was hard enough I unwrapped it from the mold (a dixie cup because I’m too cheap to buy fancy molds) and let it burn. Once I’m done using up the beeswax that I bought I’m going to try out the soywax. Should be fun!

I also finally caved and turned on my heat. I can only bundle under the blankets so much and when it is below freezing outside I need to turn the heat on periodically so that it isn’t the same temp inside. How can I tell it’s too cold in the apt?

The cats will also cave and settle down together for warmth. Incidentally they were also lying on me for additional heat with no regard to the discomfort of having 25lbs of cat laying on my outstretched legs.