I have GREAT friends!

Since announcing my new employment status I’ve been overwhelmed with the comments and calls from my friends. It’s made me realize just how lucky I am to be surrounded by amazingly caring and wonderful people (even those who live on the other side of the country). Even without a job I do have a very good life because they are part of it.

I’m 2 days into my new life and I’m having ups and downs. Sleep is somewhat erratic since my brain won’t shut off the ‘what could I have done differently’ thoughts but the 2nd night was better than the 1st.  At least last night I didn’t have nightmares about a stalker (not pleasant btw).

I pulled out my resume and in the process found out I have over 10 years worth of resumes on my computer. I’m pretty certain I don’t need to keep the one from 1997 anymore 🙂 I’ve started adding in all my most recent work which is pretty slow going since the last time it was updated was exactly 2 years ago. 

I’ve spent my morning rearranging my office/dye room and it felt good to be productive. Bit by bit I hope to get the rest of the house in similar shape. I’ve also got a nice wholesale order to fill now that will not only keep me busy for the next week but also help pad the savings account a bit. Having the new order is great for keeping me focused and not wallowing in self pity 🙂

I managed to finish a WIP last night while at my parent’s house for ThanksMas.

Gin socks complete! I tried on the first sock a while ago and worried about getting it over my heel. I tossed it to Sarah last night just in case it had to be gifted and it fit her just fine. However after washing and blocking the socks fit me! There is a little resistance getting it over my heel but nothing that would damage the socks or cut off circulation to my foot if I wear them.

I didn’t realize until last night when I updated the Ravelry page that I cast on for these on August 18th.  3.5 months for a pair of socks? Can you tell I struggled with getting these done despite the simplicity of the design. Incidentally the extreme biasing of the pattern was almost completely gone after washing.

Now if you don’t mind I’m off to skein some yarn and try to avoid stressbaking. Last thing I need while being at home all day is surrounding myself with baked goods and desserts.