The list of 3 grey WIPs have been narrowed down to 2!

Check out my spiffy new Rose’s Wristwarmers. Cast on and knit in 9 days (a timeframe that for me is pretty speedy).  I made a couple mods to the pattern, one intentional and one that I discovered when I cast on for the second warmer.

I cast on for the second one at Sat knitting which of course requires me looking at the instructions again.

“start pattern on row 4”

Huh? Really? I don’t remember doing that for warmer #1.

A quick check of warmer #1 (good thing I had it in the bag) confirmed that yes I had started the pattern on row 1 instead. Oh well, no biggie. It looks good so I’m not going to worry about it.

The second mod was more intentional. I forgot to take a picture of the before but ultimately it came down to the cast off edge. The palm of the warmer is knit in stockingnette and well we all know how that likes to curl. I had cast off the first warmer without even really thinking about it and got that annoying curl right on my palm. This might not bother some people but it bugs the hell out of me. I also thought it looked terrible to have a loose flappy curling edge when the rest of the warmer is so structured.

With warmer #2 I decided to add just a few rows of ribbing on the palm to hopefully flatten it out.

Just what I wanted, the ribbing isn’t too obvious but is just enough to keep the edge from curling outwards. I unpicked the edge for the 1st warmer and knit down for the ribbing (was too lazy to frog 3 whole rows even though that would have been faster).

Now I just need it to be cold enough for wristwarmers. 50F just isn’t cold enough.

I realized this morning about 5 minutes before I had to leave to catch the bus that I didn’t have bus knitting. (yes I’m aware of how obsessive that sounds). I still hadn’t cast on the second Gin sock and the FLS is way too big for commuting knitting. Crap! I considered grabbing a ball of Sugar n Cream and a crochet hook and calling it good. Then I remembered the 3 other pairs of mitts I wanted to make as presents. I also decided that each pair will be different because as much as I enjoyed making the Rose’s Wristwarmers I also don’t think I would like them nearly as much after finishing 4 pairs of them.

There won’t be much knitting/dyeing/spinning going on in the next few days. It’s the time of year again when my entire weekend and evenings leading up to said weekend get sucked into the pie hole. Yup, it’s pie fundraiser time again.

We have lost use of the house we typically bake at because the owners have left the P-Patch and are in the middle of selling their home. It’s a huge loss not only for the fundraiser but also the garden because the couple were our garden coordinators for years. The last few years have been hard on them due to layoffs and brain cancer so I can understand their need to simplify and move into something smaller and easier to manage but they will be missed.

So this year we found a wonderful kitchen at the community senior center to rent for a nominal fee and with some changes to our offerings we are ready to go. So far we are assuming only 80 odd pies to make over the weekend which is far less than our usual 130+ but I’m actually kind of happy it is less work this year. I’m not sure I have the energy to do much more than 80.

My next 3 days are going to filled with this.

In case you were wondering, that is a 50lb bag of pastry flour and 18lbs of crisco (I will likely need to buy more). I decided against showing you the 5lbs of evaporated milk, 14lbs of canned pumpkin, 4 cases of apples, 30lbs of frozen berries….I think you get the idea.