The blog has been pretty quiet lately, it seems like no matter how much time I spend on knitting/spinning/dyeing I don’t seem to make as much progress as I used to. Perhaps because back in 2006 when I could whip out a pair of handknit socks in less than a week it was because all I did was knit. Back then I was still responding with “I never want to learn how to spin” whenever someone would ask if I had signed up for the drop spindle class at VYT. Back in 2006 I hadn’t even THOUGHT of dyeing my own spinning fiber because well I didn’t spin yet so what was the point?

Now in 2008 it seems like knitting FO’s are few and far between. Some of it is due to the transient state of my sock mojo, sometimes I feel the sock love and other times (hello failed STR socks) nothing I try will work. Then came the realization that if I can’t knit a sock well then damn it I will knit a sweater! Now I’m not sure about you but the amount of knitting required to cover my torso so that I meet a minimum standard of modesty is significantly more than the amount of knitting required to cover my feet.

What am I getting at (abet slowly)? Well I was feeling a little down about the lack of FO’s under my belt this year until I realized that 1 or 2 sweaters is way more knitting than 5 pairs of socks. It’s not that I haven’t been knitting…I’m just knitting way bigger things. Nothing to be ashamed about at all!

And if you still don’t believe me when I say I’ve been knitting I have some proof.

1 almost finished Gin sock (just need to kitchener the toe but since I had 3 drinks at Happy Hour today I won’t be doing it tonight). What is sad is that this sock languished for close to a month at the heel flap before the flap and foot were knit within a week. Now I just need to cast on for #2.

The FLS is making good progress although it has slowed due to the increasing size of the sweater. It’s been relegated to house knitting since it can’t fit in my work bag anymore. The impressive part is that despite the numerous naps I took on vacation I still managed to knit the entire body from the armholes down while in NM. Not too shabby. Sadly this sweater is also at that awful stage where no matter how many rows I knit it never seems to grow. Only a few more inches and I think I’m well on my way to finishing so all it needs is a little love right now.

Finally a new project. Rose’s Wristwarmers for me. Since I decided on knitting wristwarmers for non-knitting friends this Christmas I thought I should make the first pair for me. (Sheila if you are reading this then ignore what I just said). That way if I hate knitting wristwarmers at least I end up with a pair 🙂 Progress is going well, this is currently bus knitting although I am discovering the intricacy involved in knitting cables with cabled yarn without a cable needle on a moving bus. Sounds impressive doesn’t it. 

Also in case you haven’t noticed there might be a slight theme to my projects right now. I’m not quite sure how I managed to have 3 grey projects on the needles at the same time. i have absolutely nothing on the needles that isn’t grey (unless there is a WIP at the bottom of a basket that I have totally forgotten about). I’m apparently afraid of bright colors right now. I do have a plan to remedy that though.

8oz of Crown Mountain Farm superwash merino in bright pinks and oranges. This is going to become sock yarn for my mom (pink and orange aren’t really my colors but she loves them) since she will soon be heading back to Hong Kong for a few months. She is likely heading back in mid Nov to take care of my 3rd aunt (yes I refer to them by number….mom was one of 15 kids) who has just been diagnosed with end stage lung cancer. My mom will likely stay until the end so I don’t expect she will be back before January. I was debating spinning this and knitting a pair of socks for her before she leaves but I think I will run out of time. So my plan is to provide her with yarn to keep her busy while over there. While I can’t get away to go back to say goodbye at least something I’ve made can be there. I’m going to hunt through my handspun tonight and see if anything I have spun will make a good chemo hat for my aunt.