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Warning: this might get long and could be a picture heavy post.

First…Sobe was an awesome host. She gave me a mini tour of Albuquerque (that oddly enough involved pointing out several strip clubs) before we made our way to our lunch destination….only to find out it was out of business 😦 We drove around some more and finally settled on an Argentinian grill. Our hostess kept bringing out skewers of meat until I just couldn’t eat anymore. The grilled pineapple was wonderful.

Then there was Village Wools. The shop is HUGE with several big classrooms in the back, one filled with floor looms, another for knitting and the third was apparently for spinning and dyeing classes. I wandered and puttered around and somehow left with a rented Minstrel for the week (only $10!!!!).

The next few days were a blur, there was good food, good knitting and great company. We did head back to Village Wools on Friday so I could drop off a fiber sample kit for them to play with and I then took advantage of their Louisa Harding sale.

10 balls of Louisa Harding Kashmir DK for assorted Christmas presents for friends/family and of course myself.

See that fluffy ball of yarn? That was all Sobe’s fault. I hadn’t noticed their ‘new yarn’ basket by the register until she pulled out one of these balls. Laceweight 70/30 cashmere/silk, 330yards, 25gms. Only $24. I have no clue what to do with this but it was like petting a cloud. Don’t worry…Sobe didn’t walk away unscathed either (in fact I think she left with a lighter wallet than I did).

As for Taos… I totally forgot to take pictures of everything so I only have a few random photos.


The festival. Small but definitely good. I’m not a raw fleece person (came to that realization last month) but there was one booth that made it very difficult to remember that. There was one cvm fleece with so much lanolin that you could actually see chunks of it. There was a grey/black one from a sheep called Miss Beautiful that I had my eye on but I managed to walk away. That isn’t to say I walked away from other booths with the same luck.

2 skeins of sportweight alpaca from Milagro Farms plus a bar of wonderfully scented orange goats milk soap.

8oz of 90/10 alpaca/merino in ‘Fudge’.

unknown amount of natural colored mohair locks from Kai Ranch.

Solo silk from Brooks Farm in an unknown colorway.

The Brooks Farm was a happy find for me, I had seen their yarns online but never in person yet after being able to touch all their yarns I will definitely be shopping from them in the future. The Mas Acero was wonderful and the only reason I didn’t walk away with a sweaters worth of yarn is because the one colorway I was eyeing only had 1 remaining skein.

There was the Ravelry meetup where we got to meet and greet other Ravelers. The location of the tent on Saturday was a little odd…outside of the main circle of tents and by the portable toilets. Turns out the Taos organizers didn’t know about Ravelry and apparently thought we were some crazy religious group so they put us where they did. That was all changed on Sunday and the Ravelry tent was smackdab in the middle of the park.

Casey, Jess and a Raveler from the Dr Who group. (I can’t remember her name)

Taos was fun and so different from the fiber festivals I’ve been to so far. It was great to see such a vastly different product than what I’m used to (even if I didn’t like all that I saw). Plus Sobe got us one of the last rooms in the historic Taos Inn (about half a block from the festival) where we got to sample this….

mmmm margaritas….

The rest of my trip was spent doing as little as possible, we saw some balloons, we did some napping (something I desparately needed), we knit (pics of that tomorrow) and I made some new friends.

Sprocket had me pegged from the moment I walked in the door. I swear he knew the cats would shun me until the second to last day of my visit so he took full advantage of my attention. How can you resist that face?

Ben took a little more convincing. I won him over by fetching him an orange balloon from Trader Joes on the first day, until then he wasn’t sure about “Miss Emma”. Boundless energy and such a sweet kid. I’m told he got a little sad after I was dropped off at the airport despite his proclamations to me that he was happy I was leaving 🙂

The one thing I forgot to take a picture off is where we had dinner on Friday night. I had mentioned how frustrating it was to see ads for restaurants back home that didn’t have locations near you so on Friday I finally got to eat at…..Sonic! Yes it is just a fast food place but they don’t have them here in Seattle yet they keep showing those damn ads. I’m pretty certain we don’t have any in the entire state.

I’m sure I’m missing large chunks of my vacation in this quick and dirty summary. Truth be told I was having so much fun relaxing that I failed to pay attention to everything I saw, ate and did. I think that might be the sign that my vacation was exactly what I needed.

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