Ok so I’m not hopping on a plane to far and away exotic destinations…unless you consider Albuquerque exotic.

A month or so ago I decided I needed to get away however work prevented me from rushing directly to Seatac right then and there so I made plans to take time off once things settled down. By settling down I mean ‘leave the day after a major project is due so everyone else gets stuck doing the cleanup’ 🙂

By some strange coincidence the first weekend I was free to skip town was also the same weekend of the Taos Wool Festival. Was this a sign?

An email was sent and Sobe kindly agreed to put up with me for a whole week and she even went and booked us into a hotel in Taos that she swears has a killer margarita menu. Wool and margaritas? I’ll be in heaven.

I think the plan is to do as little as possible. I have absolutely no knowledge of New Mexico, the tourist attractions nor what to even be on the lookout for at Taos. I’ll be in town for part of the balloon fiesta/festival so hopefully I get to see some of that. All I know is that Sobe promises to take me to a LYS right after she picks me up at the airport. What a good friend/enabler.

I started packing last night and made the decision NOT to pack another bag inside my suitcase. If I’m limited on space I might actually stand a chance at not going overboard with shopping. I’ve been asked what I plan to get at Taos and I honestly have no idea. Anyone got any ideas on what the MUST BUY item should be at Taos?

Today is all about getting through the last day of work, reassigning tasks, cleaning out my old office so a new manager can move in, cleaning out the fridge, finish packing the knitting projects (and clothes) plus wrangling the 2 cats into their carriers so they can spend the week at my parent’s house. Don’t feel too bad for the kitties…Mom likes to feed them kitty treats whenever they look at her. She spoils them rotten and then I get them back and then I have to retrain them not to beg.

I will try and blog from the festival but that might depend on how good that margarita menu is 🙂