First off…a better pic of Sakura.

ok not the best picture but the colors are pretty accurate and you can get an idea of the size. It may not look like it but I swear I was doing a Wonder Woman twirl.

Next up on my plate was to finish that linen stitch scarf, I’m about 2/3 of the way done and don’t have a progress picture for some reason. It is going well and my only problem is that each row takes forever (350 stitches) and the constant yf & yb movements are aggravating my wrists.

So what is a girl to do when her knitting is slow yet steady? Why spin of course!

8oz of Crown Mountain Farms corriedale pencil roving in Razzleberry. Yardage unknown because it’s still drying. This roving was the oldest fiber in my stash, purchased at the Knitting Expo in April 2007.

I had absolutely no plans for this and thanks to Betty who came over to keep me company on Sunday I pulled it out and attempted something new with my spinning. Thick and thin singles. I’ve never done it before and I knew it would eat up that roving incredibly fast which was my goal. I would randomly draft and not draft so i got soft fat sections of twisted pencil roving mixed in with varying weights of thinner yarn. Kind of cool and super fast. Even with lots of breaks for dyeing (kettledyed 6lbs of roving yesterday), chatting with Betty and drumcarding alpaca, merino and silk I still finished up all 8oz in a matter of hours. It has a very Manos look yet the corriedale is still nice and soft.

There was a sad realization this week regarding the February Lady Sweater. I really wanted to make it out of the Malabrigo worsted. So many people had but then I did a little reading. The worsted is notorious for pilling badly and I couldn’t stand the idea of having that sweater destroyed by pilling. I just kept thinking of how the lace on the body would pill horribly and a sweater stone would just ruin the stitches.

Luckily I was saved by the arrival of the new Webs catalog on Thursday and a new yarn was ordered. The Malabrigo will still become a sweater but I had to look around until I found a pattern that I felt could handle the pilling and would be easy to shave. Oh and new yarn was about $20 cheaper than old yarn. Sigh.

Very little has been happening with Dragonfibers lately and that bothers me. I spent time yesterday dyeing a limited fiber that I may or may not carry regularly (depending on the supplier). It always amazes me how different fibers take the dye. There will be more dyeing this week and hopefully a nice big shop update for the 14/15th.

In other news…

Nicki is quite happy I emptied my spinning basket of the clutter that had accumulated in it. He worked the mass of pencil roving around until there was just enough room for his big butt (he is putting on his “winter weight” a little early this year).