It took a while but I finally did it. The Sakura shawl is completed.

Sorry for the awful self portrait in the incredibly messy living room. I’ll try get a better picture this weekend.

Pattern: Sakura Cherry Blossom Shawl by Monika Steinbauer

Yarn: 7 skeins Noro Sakura

Needle: 6 

Start Date: May 20th

Finish Date: Sept 1st (11.45pm)

Mods: none really. The original pattern had an error but a quick pm to the designer on Ravelry cleared it all up for me. Thankfully I hadn’t knit more than a few repeats at that point. Knit the shawl until I ran out of yarn. Pattern called for 20 repeats plus several extra rows of garter stitch. I only completed 19.5 before having to switch to garter stitch for the cast off edge. Repeats 11-17 were completed during Ravelympics. The yarn was interesting to work with, lots of fingering weight/easy to knit yarn mixed in with patches of wrapped stiff worsted weight yarn. Fun and definitely not boring.

Now that I’ve finished that big UFO I have to tackle something else. I made my way to Little Knits this past Saturday for a little retail therapy (I’ve noticed I’ve been doing that a lot lately). I knew they had just gotten a bunch of Malabrigo in and I wanted to get my paws on some.

7 skeins of Pagoda in worsted Malabrigo for the February Lady Sweater.

2 skeins of Purple Mystery in worsted Malabrigo…just because*

1 skein Katia Bamboo/Cotton for a test swatch of Camellia.

I tried to stay within my budget and the only reason I even went is because I had just destashed some yarn so this was all money that came from the sale of stashed yarn. Selling 7 projects worth to replace it with 2 is still ok right?

However despite picking up the yarn for the FLS this weekend I have decided against casting on right away. The thrill of finishing Sakura has motivated me to finish some other WIPs that have languished.

See that poor sad excuse for a scarf? That would be the Linen stitch scarf in Manos Silk Blend that I bought during the LYS Tour 2008. Yes…back in May. 3 rows is all I ever completed of it. I absolutely HATE that the pattern calls for cutting the yarn at the end of each row so you have built in fringe later on. Why I didn’t go with my gut and skip that part when I started knitting it is beyond me.

The scarf has been frogged and knitting will soon commence.

In Dragonfibers news….Round 4 of Fiber Club has opened up, go grab your spot if you haven’t already!

*For those of you who have seen the 2 sweaters I’ve knit so far you may have noticed the trend towards purple. This color was once again my first choice for a sweater but I decided that even I don’t need to knit 3 purple sweaters when I don’t have any other colors. Hell even the last sweater my Mom knit me is purple. 4 purple handknit sweaters would be ridiculous.