Want to know how to make Ravelympics more interesting?

Realize at 2pm PST on August 23rd that the Olympics end around 6am PST on August 24th and NOT August 27th like you had been assuming all along.


There was the slight problem of the Sockotta bus sock 3.2 getting frogged partway through the competition but overall goals were met.

First onto the podium…The Jayne Hat Tea Cozy.

That green teapot is a 2 cup size, I decided against felting the cozy more so I still have some stitch definition but the hat has tightened up enough to actually keep the teapot warm.

Next up to the podium is the Sakura shawl.

I know it doesn’t look like much but the red area marks what was knit during Ravelympics. I started partway through repeat 11 and the goal was to complete repeat 16. By the time I stopped knitting on Saturday night I had finished repeat 17 (I had miscounted and thought I was still on 16). Pre-blocked the shawl is over 60″ wide at the top so I think I will be finishing up the current skein and won’t bother with the last one. I still have enough yarn for at least 1-2 repeats and I think that will make it plenty big enough once blocked.

Last but not least…

Stacy is seamed!!!

There still needs to some work done on her, the sleeves are about 2-3″ too long and while I’m not thrilled with where the armholes sit I won’t be frogging back to fix it. If I was a more experienced sweater knitter I would have noticed the problems while I was knitting the pieces, the armholes are a little too low on my torso to be 100% comfortable. It’s more my body shape than the pattern and next time I will know better.

However she is seamed! I wore it for about 30 seconds yesterday so a friend could take a quick picture, wearing an alpaca sweater in August is not comfortable even if you live in Seattle. Once the sleeves are fixed and the weather cools I will take a better picture.

In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have spent 3 whole days of Ravelympics working on my cross-stitch project and when you tack on 2 full Sundays of dyeing roving I really only had about 12 days of actual knitting. I didn’t knit nearly as much as other folks but I still feel like I got quite a lot done.

I was really proud of seaming Stacy. I’ve never seamed a sweater before so I printed up some great tutorials from the Lana Grossa website and cleared my dining table so I could work. I was worried about how the sleeve caps would seam up but it all worked out just fine. I’m considering adding a row of single crochet to the cuffs once I frog them back as well, I really like how it finished the neckline so I’m tempted to give the sleeves a more finished look.

All in all I’m happy with what I finished, I know I could have done more but I liked having a goal that didn’t put too much pressure on me. However completing Ravelympics right after Tour de Fleece has definitely made for an interesting 2 months. I think the next goal is to not have a goal πŸ™‚