I’ve been mentioning a new wholesale customer over the last few months but until now I haven’t mentioned who it is. That’s all going to change now.

Want to see what I did once I was back from vacation?

It’s doesn’t look like 3 weeks of almost non-stop work but believe me the labor that goes into those 50 skeins is way more than you would think.

Yup. 50 skeins of Ramen Yarn. My very first delivery to…

Wait for it…

Little Knits!!!

I’m so excited to be in Sue’s shop, I’ve been a fan of Little Knits ever since I discovered them about 2 years ago. In fact Little Knits is where I bought my first ‘real’ sock yarn (Fleece Artist Merino). The socks I knit from that yarn are still one of my favorite pairs.

Many thanks to Pam who volunteered to be a test knitter for one of the first skeins of Ramen. It was her sock in progress that caught Sue’s attention when we stopped by the store when we got back into town after Seasocks.

Those 50 skeins of Ramen are hopefully just the first time I will be delivering yarn to Little Knits.