My apartment is clean!(er)

I decided the other week that the only way I might get motivated enough to actually clean up all my crap is if I had visitors. With that in mind I invited an old friend G (length of time we’ve known each other…not age!) over for dinner. It gave me an excuse to make a fancy dinner but also a reason to clean.

I hate cleaning. It makes you hot and sticky and tired. Plus no matter how much I do it never gets spotless. However if you saw my apartment today versus last Monday it is light years better. The bathroom was scrubbed, the kitchen was organized, the floors were swept and mopped. Recycling was taken out and I even managed to remember it was recycling and put it in the right dumpster this time.

Then there was dinner. I forgot to take pictures but it was tasty. Roast lamb marinated in garlic, rosemary, thyme, lemon and olive oil. Baby red potatoes and braised greens. Yum….Then for dessert I made some mini red plum and frangipane tarts. It felt really good to cook a ‘real’ meal again. The bottle of Beaujolais didn’t hurt either šŸ™‚

G did mention something over dessert that I found kind of interesting. She pointed out that she has yet to find a hobby/craft that she feels passionate about the way I do about knitting and spinning. I had never really thought of my crafting interests as being anything but normal so it was interesting to see it from an outsider’s perspective. I don’t just knit; I also crochet, spin, dye and just this weekend I revisited another old hobby.


G’s comment made me wonder if maybe it was a bad thing that I dabbled in so many crafts. Granted she said it in a positive way but it still made me think. Is it bad that I have so many crafting hobbies or does it mean I’m not limiting myself with only one creative outlet?

In other news…

Nicki is quite pleased with his new perch on the hallway bookcase. I’ve already noticed little paw prints all over the top. Sigh.