I realized I never really blogged much about Tour de Fleece beyond the initial Shetland/Tencel batts and possibly my Charlotte’s Web plan but here it goes.

Initial goal: Spin 4oz of the Sporfarm black Shetland/Tencel batts on the new very fast flyer I bought at BSG. Aim for a laceweight. Completed batts on Day 5.

Adjusted goal: Handpaint and spin 20 oz of Merino/Bamboo in a 2ply fingering weight yarn so Pam can knit me a Charlotte’s Web Shawl.

I forgot to spin on Day 7 (mostly because I didn’t get home till 11.30pm that night and by then I was exhausted). Then I forgot to take my rest days so I decided that if I counted Day 7 as a rest day that meant I needed to also rest on the last day in order to make up for the official rest days. That means I have spun for 21 out of the last 23 days. Boy am I tired 🙂


Final Tour de Fleece stats:


3 7/8oz Sporfarm Black Shetland/Tencel (2:1) 2 ply 319 yards. 17 wpi

3 5/8 oz Dragonfibers Secret Garden Merino Bamboo. 2 ply 340 yards. 18 wpi 

3 3/4 oz Dragonfibers Free Range Merino Bamboo. 2 ply 348 yards. 19 wpi

4 oz Dragonfibers Masquerade Merino Bamboo. 2 ply 331 yards. 19 wpi

3 7/8 oz Dragonfibers Blackberry Truffle Merino Bamboo. 2 ply 330 yards. 18 wpi

The 4oz Dragonfibers Lagoon Merino/Bamboo roving never got spun up. So close!

20oz in 21 days. 1668 yards. Not too shabby at all.