I had such great plans of taking pictures of every single day for Tour de Fleece. It would have made such a cool collage. As you can probably guess I sort of forgot. Oops.

First I forgot to take a picture of the black Shetland/Tencel batts I bought from Sporfarm at BSG. Lovely batts btw. I only paid $8.50 for 4oz and it was 1/3 white tencel. Very nice to spin.

There you have it. Day 1 through Day 5. 4oz of 2ply fingering weight yarn. 330yards and 17wpi.

The downside to completing this project so quickly is that TdF is only 5 days old at this point. Thankfully I had a little bit of fiber lying around. A little brainstorming action and a quick text msg to Pam and TdF project #2 was in the works.

20 oz of Dragonfibers Merino/Bamboo dyed in Secret Garden, Free Range, Oceanic, Masquerade and Blackberry Truffle. These were all dyed up on Day 4 since I knew I was nearing the end of the shetland. The colors are a little muted due to the bamboo content and I’ve got my fingers crossed that they will actually look good together.

What is the plan for all that fiber?

Well a while back Pam made the big mistake of agreeing to knit me a Charlotte’s Web shawl as long as I provided the yarn. I promptly skeined up some superwash merino/bamboo sock yarn in the required amounts. The yarn is still sitting undyed in the closet. So I have a new plan. I’ve got more than enough fiber to spin a decent 2ply sockweight yarn and with a challenge like TdF I have the motivation to actually get it done.

With less than 18 days left in the challenge it means I won’t have time to slack off but since this is coinciding with the completion of a large wholesale order for Dragonfibers the timing works out pretty well.

I’m seriously wondering if there is a way to attach a pedometer to the wheel so see how much I’m treadling 🙂