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Sadly I don’t have any exciting knitting progress to show off. I could take another picture of the Garter Blankie but somehow blogging about another 3-4 inches of garter stitch doesn’t seem very interesting.

However July 5th marked the beginning of Tour de Fleece. I had planned on washing and spinning my Finn fleece that I bought at OFFF last year but scheduling got in the way of that notion. I decided to go with a ‘learn to use my new flyer’ approach and attempt true laceweight.

tdf day 1

Day 1. 2oz of my Black Shetland and Tencel batts that I got at BSG. Unfortunately I didn’t quite realize that spinning 2oz on the VFF would go that quickly so I only have 2oz left before I can ply. I somehow doubt this will keep me busy for the entire Tour de France. However this is probably not quite laceweight so I will try and try again 🙂

In other news….I finally got to meet Cristi!!!

I also forgot to take a picture of us but hopefully the ones she got turned out well so I have photographic proof that I met her.

She managed to escape her sisters for a few hours and joined the informal Saturday knitting group that hangs out at VY&T. Hopefully she had fun 🙂

The one downside to meeting Cristi? She showed me her latest crochet market bag and pointed out that VY&T carried the bamboo crochet needles that she swears by. Couple that with my compulsive shopping of kitchen cotton at a recent Joanns sale and you can see where this is going.

crochet cotton

I think I started on this around 7pm (a girl’s got to eat first you know) and before I knew it I looked at the clock and realized it was 1.30am. I did take a break or two at some point during that marathon crochet session because I got it into my head that 10pm on a Saturday night was a completely reasonable time to clean out your fridge of old leftovers. Oh and I decided to make more jam, Plum Rhubarb this time (earlier in the day I made Peach Cherry).

I had maybe 1 more round of mesh to crochet before making the handle before I finally called it a night. So after sleeping in till 9am (yes that is sleeping in for me) I tackled the rest of the bag.


I had forgotten how fast crochet can be, especially when most of the bag is made up of a nice airy mesh. The only mods I made was adding an extra round of double crochet to the bottom and only making about 17 rounds of the mesh before starting the handles.  It was super easy, I will definitely be making more and the chances are each one might be a little different. 

The one hiccup in making the market bag? I had to look up all the crochet terms. The problem is I learned to crochet using British names so I found myself looking up what a half double crochet and double crochet were. The latter is what I learned as treble crochet. I think I might need to get myself a crochet stitch guide that uses US terms because the only one I have access to is my Mom’s and that is a mid 70’s British publication.

Today will hopefully be a busy dye-filled day for me, I still have dreams of rearranging my living room but last night while I happily crocheted I realized that I needed a new cable if I wanted to move my tv. The house cleaning/rearranging may need to wait a bit.

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