It seems like ages ago when I lost my sock mojo before but looking back it was only in January. In the past week I’ve started and frogged 2 different yarns. One was the languishing Scottish Highlands in STR that I failed to make into pretty socks last year. I loved the way the colors played with each other in the skein but no matter what gauge or pattern I used I couldn’t replecate that into a sock.

I ended up with this.


While I can live with a certain amount of pooling and flashing I draw the line at having only 2 of the colors visible at a time. Besides that alternating green and yellow striping was annoying me. So Bus Sock 3 was set aside.

I grabbed another STR lightweight skein that I had been eyeing in the stash for a while and Bus Sock 3.1 was cast on.

The following day it was frogged and cast on again. The toe was then partially frogged and reknit.

It was then frogged again.

Granted this time the yarn wasn’t the issue, it was the pattern (and me). I was getting 8.5st/inch gauge yet the pattern called for 84 stitches. So I did some ‘math’ and tried working the pattern over 72 go.

I then tried the new ‘math’ of 76 stitches and still failed.

Finally I resorted to knitting with 84 stitches only to realize there was no way in hell 3 measly cable were going to create enough pull to make a 10″ circumference sock fit comfortably on my 9″ circumference foot.

Thankfully the majority of Bus Sock 3.1 was knit during a Mariners game. I’m not a baseball fan. I just don’t get the sport. However my Dad likes it and since it was his 64th birthday this week I took him to a game. If anyone is aware of how the Mariners are playing this season well you can see why I was glad I had knitting (even pointless going nowhere knitting) to do. To say they are not doing well is putting it nicely.

I’m debating hanging up the sock needles for a bit but part of me wants to knit the sock that gets me my mojo back.

I did notice that these 2 failed socks to be were both from printed patterns. I’ve also noticed I tend to enjoy my sock knitting the most when I am making up my own. I loved knitting the Sweet Georgia socks when all I did was insert a pattern from a Barbara Walker book into a basic toe-up pattern.

Maybe I’m not the kind of sock knitter that wants to follow a printed pattern. There are several I have enjoyed knitting but maybe for most of my sock knitting I should consider charting my own path.