In my quest to have fun yet simple sock knitting for the commute to work I have found out that stockingnette socks need a little oompf to keep them interesting. You may recall I picked this yarn for Bus Sock 2.

Lana Grossa Fantasy in a very bright color combo. The sock was cast on and made good progress until I realized I was spending most of my non-bus knitting time working on the bus knitting project. The sock was set aside for only commuting knitting while I started on projects that were less portable.

Time went by, vacation happened and I was only 1/3 of the way through the second sock. I knew I wanted to start June off with a different bus project so I chugged away at BS2.

Are they finished?

Hmm what is that little black line of stitches doing there?

Oh I get it. An Afterthought heel!

Woo hoo. Do they match?

So close! 

I had a lot of fun knitting these socks, the colors were bright and cheery yet the knitting was mindless. The afterthought heel was one I have never tried before so only time will tell if I like the way they fit. One thing I did learn from the process…for your own sanity always use a wildly different colored yarn for your waste yarn. 

Bus Sock 3 is already on the needles. I’ve decided to give my Scottish Highlands STR one last chance to become a happy sock and cast on for a modified toeup RPM last night. I even had to frog the toe and restart yet I’m not frustrated with it. Maybe the year it sat languishing in the back of the yarn closet taught it (and maybe me) a little patience.

I’m going to be copying Pam and also trying out the hybrid heel we learned at Seasocks. Hers turned out so well I can’t help but follow suit.