I’ve come to the sad realization that I rarely have time to knit anymore. I miss it.

Between the day job, Dragonfibers, eating and sleeping, cat mommy duties and other misc hobbies/tasks I find myself saddled with there is less and less time in my day for the simple pleasures of knitting and spinning.

I made a decision the other night to spin some Dragonfibers merino tencel roving to start whittling down the fiber stash. Thankfully the fiber stash is much smaller than the yarn stash. It takes up more space but if you’re counting number of items the yarn stash wins by a landslide.

Damn that stuff is slippery. I have visions of navajo plying this when it is complete so I’m aiming for thin singles and I’m spinning it end to end. Hopefully this will give me some nice long color repeats.

As for knitting. Well right now I have about 5 active WIPs on the needles.

1: Moderne log cabin blanket-stalled at the end of section 4.

2: Bus sock 2-just past the heel on the 2nd sock.

3: Seasocks sock yarn shawl-languishing

4: Linen stitch Manos Silk/Merino scarf-stalled

5: Sakura shawl-frogged and restarted.

About the only item from that list that I can see getting completed anytime soon is the Bus Sock2. I want a new sock for June commuting so that means I need to finish this one up before Monday June 2nd. After seeing Pam’s recent RPM socks I think that might be a perfect candidate for bus knitting.

Everything else on my WIP list are items I really want to finish but maybe it is the approach of summer that makes me question the sanity of knitting shawls, scarves and blankets right now.

What should I work on?

Should this be the summer of socks?