A while back you may remember this little bundle of fiber.

That was the first Well Heeled Batt to come off the drumcarder (now named Q).

A little while later there was this.

4oz of 3ply handspun at approximately 390yards.

The finished yarn languished for about 2 months before I realized what I wanted to do with it. I loved the yarn and was so proud of the spinning that I wanted the knitting of the socks to be special (yes I’m just that dorky).

Then came Seasocks. What better occasion to pull out the handspun and make it a truly memorable knit? The yarn was wound and sat ready to be cast on.

In order to make this a truly Seasocks pair of socks I didn’t cast on until we were waiting to board the ship. So I sat in the terminal with another 2000 cruise-goers and pulled out the needles.

It was wonderful.

I knit and I knit and then I knit some more. All the while other more intricately designed/colored socks were being knit around me and still I knit on my simple green heathered stockingnette socks. 

By Monday afternoon sock #1 was nearing completion.

Here it is enjoying the brisk cold air up in Glacier Bay. We were approaching the Hubbard Glacier so we were all on deck waiting to see the view. 

By Tuesday morning sock #2 was on the needles.

Here it is hanging out on a large rock near the Mendellhall Glacier near Juneau. 

The second sock seemed determined to be done and shortly before dinner on Wednesday night (our last formal night) it was done.

Check out that dorky grin! (photo shamelessly pilfered from Trillian42)

Why am I so proud of such simple socks? 

They are a product of so many firsts…first of the luxury sock batts for Dragonfibers (hand dyed and hand carded by moi)…first true fingering weight 3ply…first time using Harmony DPNs…first cruise…first time to Alaska…

All in all these simple heathered green socks are my personal little memento of the trip. Yarn bought on vacation is always a great thing and believe me I took that to heart but this was something uniquely mine. I touched so many steps in it’s creation that even if these socks were not knit for me I feel they would still be mine.

I’m now the incredibly proud owner of my very own Sea Socks.