The entire cruise was such a whirlwind of activity that I don’t think I can summarize it into a post that most of you will find even remotely interesting.

Thursday before the cruise was spent picking up Pam and Stephie at the airport where we got to put our collective brains together to figure out how to fit 4 adults and 5 suitcases in my VW Golf. It kind of looked like the knitter version of a clown car.

Once the car was unloaded and everyone could breathe we then all piled back into the car along with Sharon for a trip to Weaving Works and their Mother’s Day Sale. 

Friday before the cruise was spent at Little Knits. I love going there but damn it is hard to walk in there if you’re on a yarn diet. Sue was amazing as always and let us invade her space without blinking an eye. It’s a good thing she lives on the other side of Seattle from me otherwise I think I would be there way more often. As it was I spent my time at Little Knits getting introduced to this thing call Malabrigo.


I’ve never been a huge fan of non-plied yarns for some reason but these might be the yarns to change all that. I honestly have no clue what to do with them but they are oh so purty. The Silky Merino was still in a box and it is entirely possible that some of us took upon ourselves to help “unpack”.

Thankfully I decided to leave my new yarn purchases at home instead of packing them in my suitcase. We had checked in everyone’s bags at 11.30am on Friday. Everyone got their bags by dinner that night…except me. By midnight I had filed a missing bag report, by 3.30am there was still no bag to be found. I was told it must have been left behind and I would get it at the next port…on SUNDAY!  Needless to say I was a little unhappy about this. Then at 8.30am we get a call from our room attendant who wants to know if we are missing a bag. I swear I hugged that bag when it showed up.

The rest of the cruise went a lot smoother after the bag fiasco. I’m very thankful I don’t get seasick because the weather was really rough on some folks. The cabin was a lot roomier than I expected for a quad. We really expected to be crammed in there like sardines but they really design the cabins for maximum storage potential considering the size of the room.

I had a wonderful birthday in Ketchikan but that will be a separate blog post.

There was Quivet.

The LYS said someone bought 6oz of Quivet fiber but I never did find out which Seasocker did that. I’m guessing she kept her identity secret so we wouldn’t steal her suitcases.

There was a great toe-up class from Chrissy Gardiner where I got to learn her hybrid heel. I have vowed to use it in my next pair of socks. I never did make it to the top down class that Heather was teaching. The sock yarn shawl class with Amy was great and her No Sheep class was even better.

The Hubbard Glacier was stunning, we got incredibly close to it so the view was spectacular. It was also hellishly cold (go figure) but totally worth it.

Pam and Stephie enjoying the brisk cool air up by the glacier 🙂

I’m sure others in the group will blog about the cruise in greater detail so I will probably stop here unless I suddenly remember something so incredibly cool about the cruise that I just HAVE to share with you.

Everyone stayed a few extra days after the cruise got back into Seattle so I was able to show them a little of Seattle. Hopefully there was still a lot left to see so they will come back and visit again.

I had a blast and the vacation was just what I needed. Even though at time it felt more exhausting than everyday life it was something I’m glad I didn’t miss.

Now if you don’t mind I’m going to take a little nap so I can rest up before joining the real world tomorrow.