Seasocks was AWESOME!!!!

It might take me a few days to put my thoughts together but I had so much fun. It’s good I’m not prone to seasickness since the weather was putting on a show for us. You kind of had to have fun with it and the joke was we were walking around like we were drunk but without all the booze. It takes some serious waves to make a cruise ship that size rock and roll like that but damn it was fun.

Here are just a few pics to tide you over until I can blog about this completely.

Quivut display at The Yarn Shoppe in Ketichikan. Drool

The sock nearing the Hubbard Glacier. Beautiful and oh so freaking cold! Go figure. 

A sign on the door at The Yarn Shoppe. I think it became my motto for the entire trip.

I had a great time but I’m also so glad to be home. The kitties had a good visit with my parents and now they are back to exploring the apt again and making it home again.