I think the last time I blogged about knitting I had mentioned that Tomato was finally on the needles. I somehow got it into my head that I wanted it finished by Seasocks.

I did a quick consultation with Pam to see how long it took to finish hers and I hit the ground running. Tomato was cast on last Monday night and as of a week later I had just started working on the waist increases. By my estimates I have another 10 rows before I need to be thinking of overall length.

So far my row gauge has been matching up perfectly with the pattern. When I finish one pattern section and it says continue until x=however many inches I’ve been hitting that mark perfectly. Whether this is good or bad remains to be seen but it sure makes the knitting go faster.

I’m curious to see if I can finish the body tonight. Mindless stockingnette is great for tv watching but it has started to cause the numbness in my hands to flare up again. I’ve been a good girl though and have started wearing my wrist braces again at night. In fact I’ve been pairing them with some hand lotion and cotton gloves for a truly sexy bedtime outfit.

I am counting down the days till Seasocks. I’m debating closing down Dragonfibers for the duration of my trip rather than risk having people miss the notice about shipping delays. This year is turning out to be chock full of travel, some of it fiber related and some of it not.

In non-knitting news….my sister has finally picked a date for her wedding and instead of having a year reprieve like planned it is now happening this September. Same date as my parents anniversary in fact. Is that weird? Sarah wasn’t sure about it but with such short notice there aren’t a lot of dates available.

Some of my friends are coming over on Monday to what I’m calling “Dress Hell”. The bridesmaid designer is based in LA (great for Sarah who lives there but not so great for me) so they are shipping me 3 dresses in the styles I’m considering so I can try them on. In order to avoid the nightmare of trying on the dresses alone or god forbid…with my mother; I’m inviting a few friends over who can tell me what they think.

If you don’t hear from me after next Monday it is because I’ve crawled into bed with a pint of icecream and nothing you say will get me to leave.

Oh and what asshole decided that bridal wear should run ridiculously small? How is a girl supposed to feel pretty when she has to buy a dress that is 2-3 sizes bigger than what she normally wears?

I may post pics of all 3 dress options on the blog..it all depends on how I feel about them.

Stacy update: She is still in pieces. I keep putting off the seaming because I’m so fixated with Tomato right now. I have a feeling I may need to frog the bottom of the sleeves to shorten them. I sort of forgot I had stumpy arms but it all depends on how she fits once assembled. Hopefully it will be soon.

Bus sock 2 update: Stalled. I have maybe half an inch of ribbing for the cuff on the first sock yet I just can’t bring myself to do it. Perhaps this Tomato obsession is getting a tad unhealthy.