I missed my goal of getting Stacy finished on Monday night because I got sidetracked with the latest shop update. I think I broke Etsy when I was trying to change my shipping options because it went down in the middle of the whole process.

However I went over to the parents house for dinner last night and managed to finish the back panel of Stacy.

Looking good so far!

I then picked up the front panel and started working on that before deciding that it was after 9pm and I probably should go home at some point.

About 2 more inches were completed at home before something dawned on me. I rounded up all my pieces and counted how many balls of yarn I had used up so far. I then went hunting for all my remaining balls of yarn and counted those.

# of balls I had bought: 13

# of balls I am going to need: 13.5


(actually I used a different word but you get the point)

Now part of me is hoping that since the front will likely use a little less yarn than the back I can squeak in under the wire but just in case I’m ordering 1 freaking ball of Knit Picks Andean Silk in Hyacinth. I’m pissed. I’m also hoping that the dye lots for orders placed 5 months apart are at least reasonably close so that if all I need to use the extra ball for is seaming and finishing the neckline it won’t look too weird.

Oh and I of course discover this yarn shortage about 2 hours after I get the email from Knit Picks saying my recent order just shipped.  Grumble grumble.

Nicki on the other hand was happy last night.

My Mom knows about his cat grass habit so sent me home with a little pot of grass she had grown for him. I set the bag on the floor and didn’t really think twice about it until I heard the frantic pawing of a plastic bag. That cat knows what he likes and from what I could tell he thought this batch of grass was particularly tasty.

In other news…Bus Sock 2 is making fine progress. I’m now on the cuff of the first sock and it is really quite enjoyable to have a project I only work on while commuting. It make the mindless stockingnette a little more interesting since I only see it once or twice a day for less than 30 minutes at a time. Stacy has become a great pleasure to work on at home so I am extremely happy with my decision to bring her out of hiberation.