Ok I admit it, I love calling my in progress knitting WIPs. It always makes me think that maybe I should knit some chains or handcuffs just for the fun of it.


It occurred to me about partway through the week that I keep referring to my sock knitting as bus knitting. In fact I’ve been calling my recent socks Bus Sock 1, Bus Sock 2. Yet very little of the sock knitting was being accomplished ON the bus. I’m not sure what it is about my mood lately but I had been seeking refuge in mindless stockingnette socks almost everytime I sat down to knit.

I of course realized this when I was working on Bus Sock 2 and noticed that a whopping 1.5inches of the entire foot had been knit on a bus (I was already past the heel). I decided this was defeating the purpose of bus knitting. Besides that handy little WIP widget to the left of this post wasn’t getting any smaller. Those older WIPs weren’t moving along at all.

So it was with a sense of relief that I set down the sock knitting this weekend and picked up one of those languishing WIPs…Stacy.

She was cast on back on Nov 1st as part of the NaKniSweMo challenge. She progressed so quickly until life stepped in and derailed everything. On Nov 17th I finally gave up and resigned myself to failing the challenge. I had a good reason though since it meant I had the time and energy to devote to the VYT Holiday Event where I got to stand around awkwardly while people looked at my rovings and yarns. It was fun though.

I packed up Stacy on Saturday morning with the intent to take her to Sat knitting where I could kickstart her progress. I underestimated the effect of allergies and a headache so the kickstart was more of a feeble twitch.

Why oh why did I not write down where I had stopped? How the hell was I expected to figure out where I had stopped knitting a FULL 5 months earlier with relative ease? Why couldn’t I remember what size I was making? Why the hell did that double doze of Zyrtec and Aleve take almost 3 hours to kick in?

I think I sat there for over an hour just looking at the knitting in my hands and then at the pattern. Back and forth I went and I couldn’t even get my brain to THINK of what to check. It hurt. I wanted to cry. Betty asked if I felt as bad as I looked (thank goodness I didn’t take that as an insult).

I was almost ready to throw in the towel when I internalized a “Fuck it!” and picked one of the 2 rows I decided I might have been on and started knitting. At that point I still had no idea if I was supposed to be on row 1 or row 5 but I figured I might as well try row 1 and if it didn’t look right that means it was row 5.

Damn I got it right! I knew I couldn’t have been so lazy as to not finish an 8 row pattern repeat before setting down the needles back in Nov.

There was more knitting done on Saturday night and some more on Sunday night. As of today there are 4 more inches left to knit of the back piece before it is complete. Pics tomorrow of a finished back (hopefully).

That means by tonight I will have a finished back, 2 finished sleeves and 1/3 of the front complete (I had decided back in Nov to complete all the ribbing first). It is starting to look like my goal of having her complete by Seasocks is feasible!

Having a completed Stacy sweater for Seasocks is going to be wonderful. I have very few items from Knitty (or knitty related books) so being able to bring this FO will be a big deal for me. The only other knitty patterns I think I have knitted are all gifted and somehow I doubt I can ask my cousin in the UK to send back the Monkey socks. I may however be able to take back the Coupling socks from my mom to show them off as my knitty socks gone wrong. It is my example of how one shouldn’t assume that drastically changing the gauge on a purported stretchy pattern will turn out just fine.

Since I don’t have a Stacy pic to show you…

Bus Sock 2, modeled by Nicki. He may look grumpy but I would like to point out that he never tries to get the sock ‘hat’ off. He was also enjoying his usual evening habit of lap-napping so he wasn’t in the mood for pictures.

A yarn bowl from the Knit Witch! I saw one of these on Turtlegirl’s blog a few weeks ago and when the Knit Witch posted new bowls I snapped one up immediately. Seriously I think I bought it less than an hour after she sent out the email saying new bowls were on the site. I love it!

Dragonfibers news….April 15th sale! All US shipping is a flat $2 on any items purchased on April 15th. International shipping is also discounted. No it isn’t a Tax Day sale. The 15th is my sister’s birthday so everyone gets super cheap shipping on that day. 🙂