Yup, that blog title does not deceive you. I finally finished a knitted project.

Remember this?

That was the ill-fated Bus sock in Jitterbug Jewel. I had barely made it halfway up the first sock before disaster struck. This wasn’t on the same level of the previous bus knitting accident (all but 4-6 determined stitches were pulled from the needles on that fateful bus ride) but it was still a painful pair of events.

1: The damn sock was too damn big. Once again I had forgotten just how much I love my negative ease and blindly assumed that 64st on size 1 needles would fit just fine. Yet I continued to knit the too big sock until event #2.

2: The doctor told me to stop knitting. Thankfully it was only for a short period of time (I lasted 3 weeks without picking up the needles) but it was enough time to completely derail the sock.

So when I did finally pick up the sock again I decided to frog all but the toe and try again on 60stitches. Still not as snug as I prefer but VERY comfy socks.

I went with the basic toe-up stockingnette sock with a short row heel and then because I’ve never done one before…a picot hem. I opted to sew the hem down on the inside of the cuff instead of doing a bindoff.

I also tried a different short row approach in my neverending goal to find a truly hole-less short row heel. I’m not sure I have found it yet. Could it be I don’t make my wraps tight enough?

Right now these babies are warming my toes and while I was initially less than pleased with the pooling/flashing of the colors they have grown on me. At least both socks pooled in similar ways, I think if one had pooled while the other made neat spirals I might have thrown them to the ground in a huff.

Of course a new sock needed to be cast on because I’m just not brave enough to cast on while actually on the bus.

Am I the only one who dreads the end of a project because then the decision of what to knit next is looming?

The yarn I had set aside as the next sock sat on the coffee table silently mocking me while I cast on with another ball. It is a test yarn I dyed up but I’m not feeling inspired to knit it (could it be because I had already designated it as Mom socks?).

My other options for Bus sock 2 were limited by 2 things.

1: Bus sock knitting is best reserved for heavier yarns OR very simple patterns/stockingnette. I learned my lesson after the Endless Retro Rib sock in that dark purple/blue yarn on size 1 needles.

2: I was honestly too lazy to pull out the swift so I could wind off a skein.

So my only option was something already in a ball or cake. Preferably something that would be interesting to look at while I knit round upon round of mindless stockingnette.

Hence the decision to knit this.

Not only is it self patterning and in a ball but it was also partly unwound due to a misguided attempt at making a BSJ out of it. Oh and being bright and cheery didn’t hurt either.