I feel like there has been a lack of knitting content on the blog lately and I am starting to get a little concerned about that. I wish I had more updates on what I have been knitting or spinning yet there seems to be so little movement on either of those.

The first Jitterbug bus sock was finished late last night and the second was cast on. Sadly there is no picture of it yet.

Daniel has been sitting forlorn in my living room while I’ve been occupied doing everything but spin.

April 1st marked the beginning of my 1 year Dragonfibers anniversary celebration and there were new rovings and of course the Well Heeled Batts uploaded to the shop. It feels good to be paying attention to the business again.

Nicki has discovered that the dining table is strategically placed for early morning sunbathing (well on those few days we get sunshine here in Seattle). Rather than finding him milling outside my bedroom door each morning I’ve been getting up and seeing this.

I swear that look says “I know I’m not allowed on the table, what are you going to do about it? I might as well enjoy the sunshine while waiting for my food since you insist on hiding under your covers for ‘just a few more minutes’. ”

When I do put his food out he slowly moves to eat like he is doing me this BIG favor. Sigh.

I’ve also started to wonder about my eating habits at work. I opened up one of my desk drawers this week and was able to draw 2 conclusions.

1: I eat sushi for lunch way too often

2: The sushi places gives me way too many soy sauce packets.

41 soy sauce packets on 4/1. That number is now up to 43 or 44. This is what is left after I have opened my typical 2 packets for lunch. Occasionally she only gives me 3 but I’ve gotten upwards of 6 packets before. Who needs 6 packets of soy sauce with their lunch?

I’ll leave you with yet another completely random picture.

Duck Butt! This comes from my little trip to the Country Village in Bothell last weekend. Don’t ask me why I find a picture of a duck butt so hilarious because I have no idea. There was a great toy store there called Toys that Teach, nothing in there needed a battery and it was the first time in ages that I had seen a collection of windup toys. I love toy stores like that, all you need is a child with an imagination to make the toys work.

For now I’m going to focus on silly things like duck butts while I go through a less than fun time at work. Some of you might be privy to some of my whining already so I won’t vent it here. Lets just say that I need the time off for Seasocks now more than ever and I’m counting down the days till I can leave this turmoil behind.