I tried to be so good about my spending at Madrona that I passed up the prettiest little basket at one of the booths. I knew I could find it another time so I held off.

Found it! I walked into VY&T on Saturday and spotted this beauty. It is a DellaQ small storage cube, dark brown and a shimmery blue fabric. I was in love. Thank goodness I had a full discount card 🙂

My reasoning behind getting the smaller cube (besides the obvious price issue) was because I knew a basket would be a temptation for Nicki. He likes to sleep in things as long as it isn’t his kitty pi. I also know that he doesn’t like to curl up into a little ball when he sleeps. He is more of a sprawler and has been known to stretch out on my bed so that I’m left clinging to the edge.

I underestimated the lure of a fabric lined basket with squishy fiber on the bottom.

He barely fits but damn he was determined to sleep in there. I think his recent weight-loss is the only way this happened since I can’t imagine him fitting in there when he was still 13+lbs.

See that patch of orange peeking out from under his paws? That would be 2oz of tussah silk and 2oz of a silk/cashmere/alpaca/something batt. My September Abby Batts! I guess I should be thrilled my cat has good taste but DAMN!!

I made sure the fabric was tied securely before I went to work yesterday and wouldn’t you know it he tried it again. I came home and the knot was tighter and the fabric was pulled down into the basket a bit. The little punk obviously tried to squeeze his way in there.

I’m not ready to will this basket to him yet so I think a trip to the craft store is in order and he can have his own basket. I will even line it with roving if he wants…it just won’t be silk.