One of the things I love about working downtown and being so close to Pike’s Market (3 blocks) is that on the first day of spring there are people stationed at key locations around downtown handing out daffodils. I happen to work on the same corner as one of those locations.

Like my classy vase? It was so nice to come into work on Friday morning and see that the remaining 2 flowers had opened up overnight. A bright cheery yellow sight was just what I needed. If you look closely you can see my desktop background is my Icky shawl, it’s been that for over a year now and I never get tired of looking at it.

My goal this morning was to take a few closeups of my newly finished sock yarn, I managed to snap a couple before Nicki wanted in on the fun.

Isn’t he pretty?

You can see the colors in the yarn a little better with the closeup. There is blue and dark green superwash merino and the streaks of red and grass green are tussah silk. The slightly silvery areas are due to the white bamboo. I still look at this yarn and smile, I can’t believe I made it. This is definitely not in line with my usual spinning and I’m hoping this means I’m improving.

I did a little knitting today with the usual Saturday knitting gang. It’s been 3 weeks since the doc said take it easy and my hands have almost completely healed. I figured I would ease back into it slowly so I spent last night frogging my bus sock knitting back to the toe because I decided that 60 stitches in stockingnette would make much more comfortable socks than 64 stitches.

I like negative ease and a 8.5″ circumference sock just felt too loose on my 9″ circ. foot. The sock has been reknit back to it’s original length pre-frogging and is holding up at a nice 8″ circumference.

However because I’m trying to be slightly more intelligent about my body (let’s ignore the baklava sundae I ate for dessert tonight) I’m not going to continue with the knitting until Monday. I have spinning I want to do and my biggest dilemma is what to spin next.

I have so many fibers I’ve bought that I really like yet I find myself stuck in that “Oh but it is too pretty to mess up” mode. I don’t want to ruin something precious, especially ones I can’t ever get again yet I certainly don’t want to waste my time spinning stuff I don’t enjoy. So for now I find myself staring at the tub of rovings and batts and going back and forth trying to decide.

For now, I’m going to get a little couch time with this guy.