7 women, 3 wheels, yarn and fiber everywhere plus 8 bottles of wine.

Sound like a good weekend to you?

I had a blast, we only made it through half the wine although I’m pretty sure I drank more than my fair share.

I’ve only been to Fort Worden once before and that was a drive by. The officers houses there are great big old houses that are in varying stages of remodel. Much of the original details are still there but you can see where the electricity was added in later, plumbing pipes aren’t always buried in the walls (hence the 2 pipes in the dining room) plus the kitchen has that strange church kitchen feel.

There was however this….

A closet under the stairs! I wonder if Harry’s room was that small. I believe there was talk about sticking a 4 Privet Lane label above the door.

I was good and still followed doctor’s order to not knit for a while. She never said anything about spinning though.

I finally pulled out the Dicentra Designs superwash merino that I purchased at OFFF last year. The colorway is Pelannor. I had to look it up since I couldn’t read the handwriting but apparently I bought LOTR themed roving! Go figure.

I’m hopeful the Fiber Salon turns out to be an annual event. I had a great time and it was so nice to get away for a few days and just hang out with friends.

I took some pictures but not nearly enough, there is a short video that I probably shouldn’t show people without Lainie’s permission.

Since getting home I have finished spinning and plying the Pelannor that I have renamed as Beaker (you had to be there).

My spinning is getting marginally better and in some spots I actually ended up with a truly 3ply fingering weight yarn…it was mostly a sport to dk weight. I also messed up in my splitting of the roving so 2 of my bobbins were slightly heavier. That also meant that my plan to have somewhat distinct stripes of colors was kaput.

I do like it though. Yes I know it doesn’t look like Beaker but believe me when I say it is appropriate.