Every now and then I listen to that voice of reason in my head and last night it saved me a lot of grief.

I was getting ready to toss in the final load of laundry when I grabbed the newly finished Endless Retro Rib socks that have been keeping my toes warm since they were finished. Into the washer they went…followed by 3 white items (including my pristine white WSU jacket).

Then right before I closed the door that little voiced spoke up.

“Don’t you want to soak them first and see if they bleed?”


Out came the socks and off they went to sit in a warm sink of water. If nothing happened they could go back in the machine.

THANK YOU little voice in my head!

Holy crap did these babies bleed! We are talking dark purple black water here. I finally gave up on rinsing them clear after 6 or 7 sinkfuls of water that still gave me a lovely purple bath. I wasn’t aiming for clear clear water but something that wasn’t going to immediately stain any whites it came into contact with.

I’m pissed. From what I can tell this is not uncommon with Bearfoot. While I realize that the yarn was incredibly dark and saturated so therefore more prone to bleeding during it’s first wash I personally think what I saw was definitely not cool. The socks are being handwashed right now and I will wait till they are dry to see if they have faded at all. I’m definitely not pleased at the prospect of always having to wash these separately from my other socks since I’ve been told by other knitters that their Bearfoot bleeds a little every time they wash.

Now that we have that grumpiness out of the way….


Those are batts! Lovely fluffy batts. Made by me 🙂

I finally pulled out the drum carder (who really eats at the dining table anyway?) and had some fun this last week going through my tub of roving scraps.

I also got in a GIANT box of fiber for a project I have in mind for the shop. Some of it is being dyed up right now for the first experiments.

I’m off for a weekend away with some fiber friends which I’m really looking forward to. It has been dubbed Fiber Salon. All about us getting away and enjoying the fiber amongst friends while we leave the troubles and worries of our daily lives behind.

If I remember correctly the idea came from our jealousy over those folks who have lots of money to spend on fancy knitting and spinning retreats that we can’t go to. So we made our own. Many thanks to Elaine for organizing it all!