I took a few days off 2 weeks ago to go visit the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. It is something I do every year and for the last 4 years I’ve also been helping out at Edelweiss Perennials. The couple that owns it are related to a good friend of mine so I always go and help out for a day. The payment in free plants is just an added perk 🙂

I spent quite a bit of time this year at one of the orchid booths. Orchids are one of those plants I love so much but just can’t grow. I bought 2 small plants this year in an attempt to see if maybe this time I might have more luck. If not, well I only spent $15 on both so I won’t be crushed. The first 2 pictures below are ones of the plants I bought.



After checking out some of the display gardens which were still not overly interesting to me I hopped in the car with a friend and headed south to Portland for the weekend. Just to clarify…it isn’t that the display gardens hold no appeal to me, I just feel that the last few years have been unimaginative. Thankfully this year I only spotted one cluster of hyacinths and the use of daffodils and tulips were at a minimum. Looking at 12 gardens that are all crammed full of the exact same plants is just plain boring.

By far my favorite was the Urban Garden Company display but that might have been because they had live chickens in it. Their approach to urban, sustainable and useful gardening is what I wanted to see more of. I despise the popularity of outdoor bedroom display gardens. Um hello? This is the NW…do you have any idea how impractical it would be to have your bed outside in the garden? I personally prefer to avoid sleeping on mildewy sheets but that might just be an odd quirk of mine.

Portland was as usual a lot of fun. I went to my favorite restaurant on Friday night for some excellent Lebanese food, then there was a trip to Jim & Patty’s for some coffee and coffeecake on Sat morning. There was a wine tasting on Sat afternoon where I had to start tossing some of my wine after I realized that drinking 7 half glasses of wine was probably not the best idea.  There was another trip to Jim & Patty’s on Sunday for more breakfast (see below) and of course the mandatory trip to Powells.

All in all a wonderful weekend. The sun was shining, the company was great and I even got knitting done.

There would have been more progress made but I got a little overenthusiastic while knitting the truffle section so I ended up with 62 ridges instead of 58. It took several attempts of picking up the celadon section and still ending up with the wrong number of stitches before I thought to look at my cheat sheet of numbers. Those extra rows have been frogged and I’m now back on track. I think I’m about 1/3 of the way through section 4.

Sadly both the blanket and my bus socks are on hold right now.


Turns out the increasingly frequent occurances of numbness in my hands are NOT something I should just learn to live with ( I am somewhat prone to that kind of behaviour)

It’s my fault for pulling out the knitting while I waited for the doc because when she showed up her first question was “Do you do that a lot?”  The visit ended with 2 weeks of meds and instructions to lay off the knitting for a bit.

The knitting hiatus is just vague enough I find myself wondering if she meant just a few days or the entire two weeks. I keep thinking about how if I’m really good about resting my wrists and taking those meds maybe just maybe a few days is enough. I know it is stupid bargaining and I probably do need the break but damn it I want to knit!

Saturday knitting was frustrating for me. I got there late and then I just sat there and chatted. Don’t get me wrong, I love chatting with my knitting friends but all I could think of was how those stupid doctor’s orders were interfering with my routine. I feel like a petulant child when I voice the previous comment so I’m trying to refocus my energy elsewhere.

For now I’m going to try be a good girl so I never ever have to hear the words “You should lay off the knitting for a while” again.