I’m sure you are beginning to wonder if I ever really knit anymore. I fully admit to not having as much time to spend knitting as I used to (darn that spinning and dyeing obsession) but occasionally I find myself alone with the needles.

Way back when I started looking for a new place to live I purposefully looked for places on a good bus line. I wanted to get away from driving to work everyday. Not only is it hellishly expensive (parking lot is $10/day) but I found it a waste of gas and an unnecessary luxury. With gas prices currently hovering around $3.45 for regular right now I felt so wasteful when I drove into work by myself.

Thankfully one of the perks of where I live now is the bus line. There is not 1 but 3 buses I can take into work that get me there in as much time as driving would (sometimes even less). I was all set for some killer bus knitting time. I pulled out the Mountain Twilight Bearfoot yarn that I was so eager (otherwise known as rabid) to buy last summer and flipped open the Favorite Socks book to find a pattern. The socks were cast on at home and made ready for some highly productive bus knitting. I believe I actually cast these on in early to mid January before my move since I had vowed to always have a sock on the needles in 08.

It turns out that really dark sock yarn on size 0 needles made this a less than ideal bus knitting project. The socks languished, relegated to only 2-3 attempts of bus knitting and lots of couch knitting. The pattern wasn’t hard, heck it was so simple it frustrated me how long it took to knit these. If they had been complex I would have be ok but 6+ weeks for a pair of ultra basic socks? It drove me nuts!

Eventually it all came to an end. Last night at about 10.30pm I was able to finish grafting the toe on the second sock. I now present you with….

Endlessly Retro Rib

The Bearfoot was lovely to work with even under the less than ideal circumstances. I got a little worried last night when I was finishing up the sock and my eyes started to itch after handling the yarn. I decided that if the mohair in the yarn bothered me it would have affected me much sooner than last night. I chalked it up to being so damn tired.

Of course since I had vowed to always have a sock on the needles and I was not going to attempt casting on and starting a sock on the bus I stayed up way too late getting a sock started. I think I finally crawled into bed around 1.20am.

Colinette Jitterbug in Jewel. Size 1 needles and a basic toe up stockingnette sock. I’d like to think that I learned my lesson with the Endless socks so this time it is slightly larger needles, brighter colored sock yarn and no patterning at all. The ride into work today was very productive and the sock is already almost an inch longer than where it was left off last night. I’m noticing the beginning of some pooling issues with the yarn with this stitch count and gauge combo but I think for once I’m not going to fuss about it and let them be what they want to be.

On the Dragonfibers front, there should be a shop update happening this weekend, signups for the next round of Fiber Club, some rovings and new sock yarns. One sock yarn may not make it in since it exploded off the skeiner when I was trying to reskein it. It was so pretty too 😦