I just realized that I got a little overeager in my posting about Madrona. I mentioned the optim I bought but never showed you a picture. Oops

That is 4oz of Chameleon Colorworks optim in Ophelia. It’s luscious. I volleyed between this color and one called Peacock, then Nancy pulled back the label that covered the center part of the bundle to reveal the wonderful rich green you see in the picture. It was pretty with the blues and browns at the top of the photo but once I saw that green I was a goner.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some non spinning related content so I thought I would give an update on what I’ve been knitting.

The Retro Rib socks are nearing completion. There was a slight bus knitting mishap that left 8 measly stitches out of 64 clinging for dear life on a needle but a little quiet time in a chair was all I needed to get things back to normal. The heel was turned and the gusset completed while lounging around at Madrona.

The socks would probably be completed by now if it wasn’t for Ginger and her IM a few weeks ago that asked me ever so innocently if I had seen the Elann Superwash Bamboo yarn yet. She knows I can’t resist looking and wanting.

Before I knew what hit me I had asked her to buy me 28 skeins of yarn to make a Moderne Log Cabin blanket. I went from looking at the yarn as a way of making a new blanket for a friend to buying yarn for myself (and not for the friend).

Even at Elann prices this is one stupidly pricey blanket. $74. For a blanket I don’t need.

Granted I can always use a blanket and I had been planning on getting something to introduce some colors into the living room that aren’t cream, red , brown or plum. I don’t really like the log cabin design but then Ginger showed me the Moderne version and saw some of the lovely versions on Ravelry.

I got the Celadon, Green Tea, Praline and Chocolate Truffle. All are beautiful. The colors are soft and go well together without being too boring. The bamboo makes this yarn shine just a little which is exactly what I was looking for.

Since I couldn’t find my colored pencils after the move I had to improvise with the layout design. A few snips of yarn and mini pieces of sticky tape and I was good to go. The yarn is very nice to work with and so far the only issues I’ve had stem from the numerous times I’ve managed to stab myself under my left index fingernail with those wonderfully pointy KnitPicks Harmony needles.

In case you’re wondering…it hurts when you do that.

The one thing I didn’t realize? Just how much garter stitch I have to knit.

136676 stitches…not including the edging.

I’m going to leave you with a picture of why I feel I should not be allowed to dress myself. Granted it was for a trip to the parent’s house for a casual dinner (and use of their washer/dryer) but I really should have some sort of standard for what I wear out in public.

Fuchsia crocs, lime green and bright blue handknit socks and black yoga pants. I will never be nominated for Best Dressed.