First off I’d like to say I was a VERY good girl. I stuck to my vow to not buy any sock yarn…at all.

That being said I think it was less than 3 minutes after walking into the marketplace before I made my first purchase.

4oz of carbonized bamboo. I’ve seen this in some online stores but never in person. Oh my it is the most amazing pewter color. Just stunning. I had to have it. Want a closeup?

The color in the second pic is more accurate. So soft and a wonderful shade of grey.

Then I wandered in and out a few more booths, petted some rovings, stroked some yarns…then I walked into the Two Swans Yarns and I think Jen and I both spotted the cardigan at the same time. A lovely color stranded cardigan with a small section of corset style lacing in the front and get this…the same lacing on the back of the sleeve cuffs! So simple and feminine without being girly. I wish I could find a good photo of the sweater/cardigan online since I think the photo on the pattern doesn’t do it justice.

I will likely have to make the body a little longer than the pattern calls for but other than that I think I will knit it as is. The sleeves are easily modified to a more practical length and the body shaping is all done with simple gauge changes. Best of all this pattern gives me something beautiful to attempt my first steeking on. eek!

I had a lot of fun just hanging around with friends, I didn’t take any classes nor did I feel the need to buy a lot of things. I spent a little time learning how to do punch hooking which holds a great deal of appeal to me. I almost bought a kit until I realized that I really couldn’t support taking on a new hobby right now. Where would I find the time? It was a lot of fun and I can definitely see myself taking it up in the future.

As for me, well I’m now back home with a full belly and a wallet that hasn’t been drained (yes I actually double checked my credit card limit this morning) and the feeling that I got to enjoy the day without needing to buy everything in sight. The 50/50 honey colored baby camel/silk roving was incredibly hard to pass up though and while I’m going to tell folks that I resisted buying it the truth is I kind of forgot to stop by on my second pass through the booths. Oops.

Grand total spent? Less than $40! Woo hoo.