I can now say with some measure of authority that force-feeding a cat a mixture made of tuna juice and wet cat food is neither fun nor easy.

What I would like to know is why the vet gave me the BIGGEST syringe in the world to try force food down Nicki’s throat?


In the seemingly never-ending saga of Nicki’s health issues I had to take him to the vet last week for an abscess on his chin. It is still a mystery of how he got it but I’m assuming that what started off as a small scratch/bite during playtime with Sammy turned into something worse due to the stress of being moved. I figure that since I’m more susceptible to illness when I’m stressed it makes sense that he would be too.

A quick trip to the vet where I made the mistake of watching the vet clean the wound (ick!) and we were back home with antibiotics. Now I’m not sure about your cats but when it comes to Nicki he has a hard time with antibiotics. He typically loses his appetite and almost always he also loses what little he does eat. Lets just say that the 3 meals of wet food he ate before going to the vet came back to haunt me. I can deal with the carpet getting messy, that is easy to clean but you can probably imagine my horror when I saw him walk over to Daniel and proceed to vomit the rest of his breakfast all over the treadle. I may have actually whimpered but I can’t be certain.

It’s been a week and while the carpet is even worse (I finally gave up on cleaning each spot until everything was done so I could steam clean everything at once), Daniel is moving past ‘the incident’ by spinning up some hand dyed Wensleydale and I’ve been trying to climb out of the dyeing black hole I seem to have fallen in.

By my calculations I have over 85lbs of Dragonfibers roving/yarn in both dyed and undyed stages in the apt. For those of you have no idea what that means, let me just tell you that I’ve discovered that I think I found my limit. I actually started to get a little scared of it. Everywhere I looked there was a pile of roving just waiting to be dyed, it seems like no matter how much I dyed the pile never got smaller. Days went by and still the mountain never shrank.

Then I hit a turning point, finally the pile started to get smaller (while the dyed pile got larger of course).

That is 40.25lbs of BFL, Targhee and Merino/Bamboo.  I plan on having lots of pics of the individual rovings in my Flickr album by Monday. Thanks to Jen I’m going to be getting the equipment to build myself a makeshift photo studio, just big enough to hopefully get some great photos of yarn and fibers.

All of this is going to the Madrona Fiber Retreat so if you’re local and want to snag some please head to the VY&T booth to get some fibery goodness. If anyone wants to see this madness get delivered I plan on dropping it all off at VY&T this Sunday (assuming of course I can fit it all in my car).

As for me, well dyeing 40lbs of roving in less than 2 weeks since moving house has left me exhausted and beginning to hate the smell of wet wool so I’m going to focus on my Retro Rib socks that are taking far too long to complete. I’ve also decided I need to tackle that box of fiber scraps that I set aside for drum carding and give myself a formal introduction to the carder since I’ve maybe used it twice since buying it in September.

Now that I’m past the dyeing madness that has been the last two weeks I hope to get back to blogging, knitting, spinning and hopefully soon I might even try cooking a real meal in my new home. Oh and once I clean the mess that I’ve made since moving in I might even show you pictures of the new digs. The cats are still not convinced that this was a good move.