It is official, I have finally moved into my own place.

Many thanks to all the wonderful friends who showed up to help me move in exchange for some free soda and pizza. I would be curled up in a ball in the corner if it wasn’t for you.

Sadly I don’t have new house pictures just yet since I haven’t quite gotten around to unpacking everything and tossing the empty boxes. Plus there is that small matter of all the things I just discovered I need…like a coffee table, curtains, lamps etc. All I can say is

Thank god for Ikea!

The move was a little rough on the furry critters, keep in mind that Sammy has never known another home (well besides the shelter) and Nicki has spent over half his life in the townhouse so they were a little spooked. Nicki camped out in a bedroom closet for about a day and Sammy spent about 4 hours that first night hiding in the litterbox (it was clean!). I think maybe the smell of fresh Tidy Cats made it easier to pretend that he wasn’t in a strange house.

A little catnip on Monday night did wonders for breaking the ice and by Wednesday afternoon I watched as Nicki finally noticed the perfect windowsill perch. He entertained himself by watching the traffic drive by before realizing that traffic watching wasn’t nearly as much fun as napping in my knitting chair.

As for me, well it is taking some getting used to, keep in mind I’ve also lived in the same house for 7 years so moving into somewhere new is an adjustment for me too. I made the point of setting up the dyeing room early and spent a little time dyeing some bfl yesterday. That is when I noticed that the table I’m using is a little lower than my old work surface. I’ll need to swing by the big box hardware store for some wood to raise it up.

Call me a wuss if you must but I’d rather not dye at a table that is the perfect height for triggering that nasty sharp twinge at the base of your spine.

I got to stay home yesterday bundling up a scary amount of roving so I can dye for Madrona while I waited for the cable guy to stop by to hook up my tv and internet. Then I had to wait some more for the second set of cable guys to come out and setup my digital cable properly since it didn’t work the first time. I think they were a little afraid of what I was doing since it looked like my entire living room floor had been taken over by fluffy white Tribbles.

As for me, well I’m just happy that the smell of wet wool drying is winning the battle against the freakishly strong chemical cleanser smell that was lingering in the bathroom. I’ll take the smell of drying BFL over a nasty cleanser smell any day.