For those of you who know me in real life you may have been exposed to my lack of interest regarding dishcloth knitting. It has never been a slam on those who do knit dishcloths, heck who am I to judge what is worth knitting and what isn’t? I’m not the knitting police.

My lack of dishcloth interest stemmed from both my lack of understanding of what you would use one for and my inability to spell the damn word. While writing this post I have to make a conscious effort to not write dishclothes. If you start knitting pantsuits for your dishes I firmly believe you deserve to be mocked.

Dishcloth knitting has just never appealed to me…till now

ok ok I admit they aren’t really KNITTED dishcloths but actually crocheted ones. I was told by Ginger not to knit dishcloths for my new apt so I didn’t. I did however spend an hour or so one evening crocheting something that ended up being dishcloth-like.

I started one as an experiment since I’ve never quite mastered this whole crochet in a circle thing.  Then I started a second because I had another half ball of kitchen cotton lying around. I honestly don’t know if I will ever make more. They were quick and easy but honestly kind of boring.

As for knitted dishcloths, well I have no need to go there because Ginger made sure I was well stocked in that department. Thank you Ginger!!!

Isn’t it ironic that I’m worried that my new knitted dishcloths are too pretty to get dirty?