Boy oh boy was St Distaff’s fun. It was my first time going since at this point last year I still didn’t know how to spin. Going for the first time and being a vendor to boot was an interesting experience.

Lesson 1: Don’t assume you know which exit Googlemaps tells you to use. Taking the wrong exit results in panicked driving around because you can’t find the place and you don’t know the phone number of anyone who knows how to get there.

Lesson 2: Always attend these things with friends. They will calm you down when you need it most and basically be the only reason you don’t have a complete meltdown.

Lesson 3: A cup of tea is NOT a breakfast but ziploc baggie of homemade shortbread and 2 cans of diet coke IS a lunch 🙂

I believe the final attendance was just over 170 spinners. How cool is that? I did much better than I had hoped, I left with just under half of what I had taken there that day.

I was able to push my booth table out a bit and spin on Daniel for a few hours. I grabbed the BFL Potluck #20 that I refused to sell and started spinning. For the first time I didn’t split the roving before spinning but just spun end to end. The color changes that I loved in the roving were just wonderful in the finished yarn which I plied with a rayon copper thread. 

Plying with the thread gave me a finished yarn that was almost a boucle and I have approximately 430yards of it. I think I spent about an hour debating the colors of thread at the fabric store. I was worried that a shiny thread would look gaudy so I almost went with a muted thread but I’m glad I finally chose the copper. It looks like I plied it with a fine gauge wire and the copper makes the blue sections pop. I’m really curious to see how this knits up and it will hopefully be a simple lacy triangular shawl.


Spinning the BFL made me realize how little of my own roving I do spin up. I’m not sure what it is that makes me reach for other brands before my own, I know it isn’t because of quality concerns 🙂 The latest yarn is only the 4th roving of mine that I have spun and I’ve managed to lose 1 of the previous 3 finished yarns somewhere in my house. Maybe the impending house move is a doubly good thing because it should help me find all those “misplaced” items.

For now the blog may become a bit more silent than usual as I busy myself with packing up the last 7 years of my life and moving on to my own place.