I thought a good way to tackle the end of year wrap-up was to look at my goals for 2007.(copy and pasted from 1/2/07 blog post)

As for my 2007 goals….

Icarus shawl (already started) Finished and well loved.

1 pair of socks a month Um….well 11 out of 12 isn’t too bad and #12 is on the needles going into 2008. (see below)

Take part in the socknitters design challenge I don’t think the challenge ever happened. Oops.

Socktopia I failed miserably at this. I think I did 1 month and even that was a stretch.

Brooklyn Tweed’s Red Light Special hat Done. Hat was felted slightly in December so it actually fits now.

Knit a sweater or cardigan for me Done and a second sweater is currently on the needles.

Another lace shawl Check. The swallowtail shawl for a friend counts right?

Finish the Hoover blanket I just need to face facts, this will never be finished because I hate knitting it.

Felted scrap blanket Yet another brillant idea that I never found time for.

Learn to spin. Hmm. Bought a wheel, learned to spin, starting dyeing my own fiber, launched Dragonfibers, bought a second wheel, and a drum carder…. Do you think I accomplished this goal? 🙂

Wow, while when I look back at my total number of projects for 2007 it never really seems like that much but tallying it all up was interesting. I didn’t realize I had finished 11 pairs of socks, it really felt like I had knit maybe 5. I’m surprised to realize that 7 out of the 11 pairs were for myself while the others were all gifts. Now if only I knew where all those socks were…

Now for the fun part where I get to plan out my goals for 2008.

In 2008 I want to….

Always have a pair of socks going on the needles. I joined the SAM5 KAL just for this purpose.

Finish the Stacy sweater.

Complete Tomato in time for Seasocks.

Knit another sweater.

Knit a lace wrap.

Process my own fleece.

Spin a sweater’s worth of yarn (note this does not include knitting the sweater in 2008).

Spin a true 3ply fingering weight sock yarn.

Do not end 2008 with more sock yarn than what I started with (31)

Think I can do it?

As for that sock goal, well as of about 6pm on Dec 31st 2007 this is where I was.

I was at the short row heel when I decided to head out for a night of debauchery instead of knitting. Instead I got an evening of neither.

Oh well…better luck next year!