It isn’t a lot of knitting and boy has it made me a fan of bulky weight yarn.

I realized that my one attempt at Christmas knitting was probably not going to happen since I’m not thrilled out how my modified We Call Them Pirates hat turned out so I headed to VYT a little early on Saturday to get some shopping done.

Enter the wonderful yarn called Baby Alpaca Grande. Super soft, squishy and very suited for last minute ‘oh crap I need a gift’ knitting.

After more stops and starts than I would like to own up to I had a scarf on the needles. By the end of Saturday I had it off the needles.

A basic 2×2 rib scarf with garter ends. Super basic and perfect for keeping the neck of the giftee protected from the cold weather and her scratchy wool coat.

Then it was time for scarf #2, this time in a pale blue/green. I wanted this one longer and with more of a flared edge so I cast on 3x the stitches I wanted. Worked a few rows in garter and then k3tog to bring the scarf down to 15 stitches which I finished in a 1×2 rib.

Both scarves used up an entire skein of Alpaca Grande (well technically I trimmed off about 2 inches from the blue/green scarf). At $15/skein and for such a quick knit this has made me a fan. I may need some of my own one day soon.

I’ve been trying so hard to follow a fiber/yarn diet lately. I think the last yarn I bought for myself was some Marisol baby llama about a month ago. Yarn bought for gifts of course doesn’t count but I really do need to whittle the stash down. I have no excuse for having enough yarn for over 50 pairs of socks sitting in my stash and I’m beginning to feel a little overwhelmed.

Short of selling it (not going to happen) or giving it away (yeah right) I am faced with the only real choice…I must start knitting it. There are some yarns I hold as precious and I struggle with finding the right pattern for them. Then there are something I like but don’t love and I find myself not wanting to waste a great pattern on them. Can you see my dilemma? I think I seriously over-think this whole sock knitting business. I need to come to terms with just knitting socks without needing a higher purpose.

Perhaps 2008 should be about learning to let go and knitting for the sake of knitting. Maybe this project approach to knitting is getting in my way of just enjoying the time spent knitting. I felt that not having a plan for the 2 alpaca scarves actually hindered me. I think I started and stopped the 1st scarf 4 times before resigning myself to a plain scarf I didn’t care for. Should I have been this stressed over something so basic and what does that say about me and how I approach my knitting now?

I’ll leave you with something yummy. Last night my dessert was some hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows (made by the wife of one of my team). Delicious!