After a late night of debauchery at the company holiday party on Friday night (yeah right), I managed to crawl out of bed and make it to VY&T just in time for them to open for their holiday event. There was a Cross Your Heart rep who was in the back helping folks make cards, the bakery they use for all their wonderful Swedish treats had lots of samples to try, there was a rep sampling cookies, curds and spicy chutneys, and there was 4 ‘vendors’ with our yarny wares.

First there was Annie with her handmade and handpainted ceramic beads. She even had Selbu mitten beads which were beyond adorable. I snagged the one blue and white one she made.

Then there was Terri who shared a table with Annie, she brought all her mittens from the book and of course many copies of the book for people to buy and get signed. Seeing all those mittens again got me inspired to cast on for my pair this week.

Then Amy (Good to be Girl) brought in an amazingly cute display for her stitch markers. I sadly didn’t take a picture of it but it was a big giant pink snowman and some windows with ledges for all the little tins of markers to sit on.

Finally there was me. Without Terri there to calm my nerves and help me figure out how to properly display all that yarn and fiber it might have been a mess.

There was more yarn available but it couldn’t all fit on the table. It went well though. By the end of the day half the rovings and 10 of 48 skeins of sock yarn had sold. I have to admit it was strange standing there and chatting to people about my product, it’s a skill I need to master but that doesn’t make me feel any less awkward at first.

It was really odd to realize how anxious I got when people would pick up the yarn, look it over and put it down. While I know that on etsy the same thing happens it doesn’t affect me the same way. I guess it just brings up feeling of insecurities about whether what I’m doing is even any good. Maybe I just have really good friends who buy my rovings to support me. 🙂

Finally after the trunk show I met up with a good friend for dinner who invited me to this Meetup event that night. I still have to research what Meetup is but the one last night was basically 8-10 people who hung out in a pub and just chatted about anything and everything. The event last night wasn’t a dating meetup kind of thing so that was great. I didn’t get home until late and considering the late nights I’ve had all week it probably wasn’t a good idea. However apparently downing a couple pints of Strongbow while chatting with complete strangers was just what I needed.

All in all I’d say yesterday was a good day, it taught me what I needed to do for St Distaff’s Day to make an impression and I got to go out and act like a normal 30-something adult for an evening. It was what I needed.

And yes there were single men at the meetup and no I’m not going to say anything about that until I go to another event.