Boy I had a busy night last night. I finally made it home only to realize that 3 pies were not going to assemble and bake themselves. By the end of the evening I had a coconut cream pie chilling in the fridge and 2 chocolate bourbon pecan pies cooling on the counter. These are both pies that I hate but since they aren’t for me (and were made in exchange for cold hard cash) I’m not going to whine too much.

I finally decided that 48 skeins of sock yarn were not going to reskein themselves so I set out to at least skein up 12 of them, 1 of each color.

First the holiday inspired colored.

And then for some non-holiday inspired colors. I took colorways that I have dyed for rovings and used them for sock yarn this time. I was curious to see how a color combo would look in a different form.

The nice thing is I mixed up too much dye for this batch of 48 skeins so I have plenty to dye more skeins for the etsy shop. Hopefully I can get to it next week when I’m back in town.

I did get my sister to promise to take me to one yarn store, there is one in Santa Clarita which is close to where she lives. Yay for vacation yarn store trips!

Hopefully when I get back I can actually have a finished knitted project to show you, I’ll be working on the pirate hat and very little else while I’m down in LA.

(edited to add: It is NOT Huskies colors damn it!!!) πŸ˜€