I had every intention of my next post being about dyed sock yarn but life as always got in the way. At this rate I’ll be lucky to even reskein some of the yarn before I jet down to LA for a long weekend with my sis. Anyone know of any good yarn stores in Valencia or that general LA area?

There has been some baking going on but nothing overly exciting. I am failing miserably at my promise to bring lots of homemade cookies to work. I come home and pull out a block or two of butter and every evening around 9pm I have to admit that cookies just aren’t going to happen. I continue to be amazed at how much butter I seem to have in my house; at last count it might have been upwards of 8lbs and believe me it has been much worse.

However I’m in a good mood because I decided that I would get my Christmas present a little early this year. For the past 4-5 weeks I have been eyeing a Della Q tote bag at VY&T and every week I make sure to walk by and touch it when I’m there for Saturday knitting. It was $54 and totally in my budget but each week I put it back on the rack because while I loved the fabric I wasn’t in love with the handles. I’m just not too fond of hard round handles that you see on many bags right now. I don’t find them comfortable to hold so I avoid them.

Then this past Saturday I took a stroll around the store to stretch my legs and pet the bag I noticed something I never saw before. The exact same fabric, the fabric I have been petting for weeks, on an actual purse! A big roomy purse, perfect for sitting open on bus rides with enough room for the usual purse junk and the all important knitting.

It was love at first sight but damn there was pause when I saw the price, dare I buy a purse for $95? Back it went on the shelf and I went home to sleep on it. Morning rolls around and I send a quick email to Elaine saying I want the bag. Elaine I would say I love you for buying the bag for me but I think Leslie might have an issue with that šŸ™‚ You totally get yarn or roving or whatever as thanks!

Want to see what gets me all worked up over a bag?

It’s a lovely chocolate brown with a woven blue and brown fabric.

It has so much space!!! Plenty of room for a Monkey Bag and all those other pesky purse bits like wallets and cellphones. I like that it has structure without being stiff, I can sit with it open in my lap and not worry about it sliding all over the place.

I love it!!!

And I’m not allowed to buy myself anymore Christmas presents for at least a week šŸ™‚ Vacation yarn shopping doesn’t count towards stash right?