I had such high hopes for NaKniSweMo. I was off to a great start and sped through the ribbing on the body in record time and made it through the first sleeve with time to spare. Then I started the second sleeve.

Maybe it was the prospect of another 130 rows of 2×3 ribbing on top of the 200+ I had just finished but lets just say progress has slowed. Heck there has even been at least 2 days where the sleeve had nary a stitch knit on!

The sleeve is making slow progress though and is nearing completion. That awesome time buffer I thought I would get by knitting sleeves early on has be whittled away to maybe 1 day. So much for that brilliant plan.

Perhaps if I didn’t keep getting distracted by other fibery fun I could stay focused. It seems like in usual fashion when faced with a goal I did what I usually do…everything else but that.

First there was sock yarn.

Then there was skeining.

That would be the finished yarn from my OFFF batt. The yarn was spun up back in early October and then promptly sat on the jumbo bobbin for a month until I finally needed it for something else. I have no clue on the yardage because my handy little magnetic counter for my skeiner has yet to arrive (7 days and counting for Priority Mail???)

Then there was spinning and plying.

I finally got off my lazy butt and finished spinning the rest of the Happy Hippie Optim that I bought at PKF from Rosie’s Yarn Cellar. I had to forgo the planned plying approach when I realized that between bobbins I had started splitting the roving differently so the original plan was kaput. It’s 4oz of 2 ply fingering weight, yardage also unknown due to the missing counter. Holy crap this stuff is lovely, super soft, nice to spin and amazingly it never had a lost end or broke during plying.

How nice is the optim? Well when it was showed to Mom (who usually mocks the spinning) she asked if she could have it and whether I would make enough for her to make a sweater. Yeah Mom at $30/4oz I will TOTALLY spin a sweaters worth. Ha!

For now the wheel sits empty while I contemplate what in the stash needs to go next. Do you spin by age or by whatever strikes your fancy? I only have 8oz remaining from my first roving purchase and it’s Crown Mountain pencil roving. It is by far the oldest fiber in the stash yet I feel torn between that and my Abby batts and my OFFF purchases.