I was all set to update you on my sweater progress when I realized I didn’t have any pictures of the knitting to date. I also realized I’m just too lazy to grab the camera and the knitting for a snapshot right now. So you will have to settle for my word (however unreliable that is) that I have accomplished what I’m going to blog about.

Sweater progress as of end of day 8.

Knitting to date includes 2 ribbed front and back pieces, 1 entire sleeve and 4 rows of second sleeve.

Average of rows per day: 28.

Mood about progress: a little smug mixed in with a healthy dose of “this is going to bite me in the ass later isn’t it.”

In Dragonfibers news I finally got around to posting some sock yarn online. Whee!!

I am loving how squishy the yarn is and I can’t wait to hear the final verdict from my test knitter.

And since I have no knitting pictures to share with you I thought I would introduce the other furry critter in my life. I think I have shown plenty of pictures of Nicki on the blog but I can’t recall ever showing Sammy. It might be due to his dislike of cameras.

Sammy is the cat that many people believe doesn’t exist, he runs and hides at the sound of the doorbell and like Bigfoot he is sometimes spotted in the corner of your eye but is gone in a flash. Those who have seen him are fond of accusing him of attempted murder since he is known for hanging out on the stairs until the last second and then he will dart away while causing you to lose your balance. He is the reason why I almost went headfirst into the entertainment center a few years ago after a very rapid (and curse word filled) descent down a flight of stairs. I think it took Nicki much longer to recover from the shock of that fall since he had the misfortune of being in my arms at the time.

He doesn’t look deadly does he….