I’m making some serious progress on the Stacy pullover.

(pic from day 4)

I had worked out that I needed to knit at least 16 rows per day in order to finish the sweater on time. I also counted sleeve rows as having the same value as body rows. After 5 days of knitting I have 124 rows of knitting completed for an average of 24+ rows per day. I think I’m doing ok.

The pieces I have so far make me laugh. I hold up the back piece (2×3 ribbing) and think “This is supposed to fit around me?!?”. Then I grab the sides and stretch it out and voila it becomes something that CAN fit me. Why I find this endlessly entertaining is a source of some concern for me.

I have completed the ribbing portions of both the front and the back.

Plus about 8 inches of one sleeve.

My new needles arrived in record time. Seriously I don’t think I have ever had a KnitPicks order take less than a week to get to me and this time it arrived in 2 days. I didn’t check the mail till Sunday or I would have started on the patterning for a body piece.

I resisted the urge to switch from a 3inch long sleeve to the back piece by telling myself that the sleeve was easy and fast and that I might as well get it over with. It is actually very tempting to knit both sleeves before knitting on the body pieces again. Is that good/bad/just plain weird?

Saturday was a great mail day, not only did the KP come in record time but I got some great yarn from a Ravelry trade.

That is Fleece Artist Merino sock in Cosmic Dawn. I traded it for my skein of STR in Ruby Slippers. Don’t get me wrong, the STR was very pretty but I loved the idea of the colors more than I liked the colors in that yarn. This was another example of lightening fast postal service. Ontario to Seattle in 5 days! Thanks Weetsie!!!

Thank you to all my Saturday knitting friends who were able to come by on Sat. I loved having you over and hopefully I can do it again soon.