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I had the pattern, the yarn, the first set of needles (larger size on it’s way to me right now) so there was no going back.

By bedtime the knitting progress looked like this.

38 rows, 6 inches of 2×3 rib for the back piece. Of course the completion of the ribbing created another issue. The size 8 needles I ordered from Knit Picks haven’t arrived yet and those are the needles you need for the rest of the body. Thankfully I was using the interchangeable Harmony needles so the handy end caps were put on and the tips were attached the the second cable. Tonight I will tackle the ribbing for the front piece.

Now I will confess I cheated a little on NaKniSweMo, I couldn’t help but start early. I had cast on the evening of Oct 31st (I don’t get trick or treaters in this neighbourhood) because I wanted to bring the knitting to work and wanted something I could actually knit on while at lunch. Before I knew what happened I had knit 12 rows on Wednesday night. So in the spirit of the KAL I’m going to set a new deadline of Nov 29th, that way I still stay within the 30 day timeframe.

In other news, the clean sweep is going well. Other than discovering that I do not possess the ability to throw away useless pieces of paper the cleaning is progressing. While moving my bed I found a scrap of paper with directions to 2 locations in Portland that I needed for a friend’s bachelor party…2.5 years ago. I did also find my social security card so I guess sometimes being a packrat is a good thing.

Nicki likes the new chair. Sadly I didn’t have the camera handy when he first discovered the chair. There was much rolling around and playful flirting, at one point he was having so much fun rolling around he kept kicking himself in the head. What a goof. I’m thinking I might need to knit a little kitty blanket to put on the chair to keep the fur down to a manageable level.

I also have cool Dragonfibers news.

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I got selected as one of the Lime & Violet Etsy Shop of The Day. How cool is that?!?

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Stashdown 2009

January 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins of Yarn: 233 Total Weight:33.13lbs Total Miles: 27

February 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins of Yarn: 213 Total Weight:30.09lbs Total Miles: 26

March 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins of Yarn: 218 Total Weight:31.95lbs Total Miles: 27

April 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins of Yarn: 217 Total Weight:31.45lbs Total Miles: 26.5

May 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 229 Total Weight: 33.8 Total Miles: 28.4

June 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 210 Total Weight: 31.9 Total Miles: 27.7

July 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 201 Total Weight: 30.5 Total Miles: 26.5

August 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 228 Total Weight: 34.0 Total Miles: 28.8

October 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 254 Total Weight: 38.2 Total Miles: 31.8

November1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 224 Total Weight: 34.9 Total Miles: 29.9

December 1st 2009

Balls/Skeins: 206 Total Weight: 31.9 Total Miles: 27.1


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