I think I have this weird compulsion to join KAL’s. It seems like almost all of them sound interesting to me. While some are as easy as the Stranded Colorwork KAL where all you have to do is knit one thing at some point during the year there are just as many (if not more) that seem designed to drive you mad.


Am I insane to even be considering a Knit a 50k stitch sweater in Nov? Seriously why would I do this to myself right before Christmas, right when I need to be churning out last minute knitted gifts like…well I don’t know else gets churned besides butter and that analogy doesn’t seem to fit here.

One consolation is that Ginger and Betty will be sitting on the crazy bench right next to me.

In other fiber related news the bedroom clean sweep is underway with the main work scheduled to be finished on Halloween. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is quite pathetic that I need to take a day off work in order to clean 1 room but that 1 day is a sacrifice that is well worth it. The plan is to get everything out, steam clean the carpets and slowly bring things back in-after they have been sorted through of course.

How is a bedroom clean sweep fiber related? Well there is a lot of wasted space in the furniture arrangement right now so with the new plan there will be room for a chair and footstool just for knitting and spinning. Right now when I feel like knitting at night I do so in bed while watching tv. Not only does this go against what the sleep experts tell you about not hanging out in your bed unless you are going to sleep but it also means I’m making one serious butt-shaped dent in my mattress. I can only flip the mattress so many times before I have to acknowledge that the thing needs to get replaced.

I’m still debating taking before and after pictures because quite frankly the before shot would be incredibly humiliating to reveal. I swear I’m not a pig but if you saw the bedroom right now you would seriously question my honesty.

I also spent a good portion of my day yesterday browsing equilter.com. It’s an online fabric store that momma-monkey showed me and damn it made me wish I could sew. However I think I’m lacking the sewing gene. I still remember taking Home Ec when I was 10 or 11 and in the sewing class we had to make felt bags. Well actually I think they were cotton tote bags with felt designs cutout and sew on them. I made a cat (go figure) and then spent the entire length of the project constantly reminding my teacher that it wasn’t a bird, it was a cat. I’m not quite sure why she thought I would sew a bird lying down on it’s back but she kept thinking the ears was a beak.

Come to think of it maybe that wasn’t so much a comment on my sewing skills as it was a comment on my ability to use scissors. Hmmm. I think it is best I continue to believe it was my lack of talent for sewing otherwise I would be tempted to take on another hobby (and stash).

The spinning seems to have stalled so I still have 2oz of optim waiting for some attention yet right now I’m elbow deep in garter stitch hell. I swear I used to think garter stitch was quick and easy yet now all I can think of is how boring it is. Why can’t I enjoy this little piece of mindless knitting? It really is a pretty little knit but at the rate I’m going you would think it was intricate fair isle or cabling. I did make good progress on it last night so maybe what I need is one heck of a potent lemondrop martini to get through those mindless knits from now on.