At the end of 2006 I had set myself two knitting goals for 2007. While I know goals seem kind of silly and perhaps a little too rigid I like them because I want to keep pushing myself as a knitter. I want to learn new things and step out of my comfort zone so goals are perfect for that.

The first was a lace shawl and Icarus was born from that goal in early January. The second was a sweater. It didn’t have to be a fancy sweater, just something bigger than a pair of socks or felted bag. I needed to know if I had the stick-to-it-ness that was needed for a sweater. I’ve had a somewhat spotty past in following through on large craft projects (I don’t think I have ever finished a cross-stitch pattern).

Thanks to Terri and a great sale on Peru DK at Little Knits a sweater pattern and yarn were matched up. The top down wrap cardigan was simple for mindless knitting while still keeping it interesting. Actual knitting time wasn’t that bad, the only reason it took so long to complete was because I kept putting it down for other projects. Besides who wants to knit a wool/alpaca/silk sweater in July? Even after it was finished it was set aside for several weeks before the ends were woven in and I could officially call it complete.

Well almost.

Somehow one of my icords mysteriously grew about 20inches after washing so unless I want to walk around with a tie dangling down by my shins I needed to fix it. And as a reminder for why you should not only swatch but PAY ATTENTION to what that swatch tells you I also had to fix the sleeves. I was so good to knit the body according to the swatch because I knew the length would grow a little. I apparently forgot that key detail when I went to go knit the sleeves and knit them to actual length. As you can imagine the sleeves are a bit long and while some people might like that sleeve covering all but the tips of your fingers look I do not.

Both of these were easy fixes and something I knew I could do in one easy evening yet it still languished for another 3 to 4 weeks. Tonight I finally I broke down and channeled my energies into getting this sweater completed.

It took less than 5 minutes to snip and unravel the icord to the proper length and weave in the ends. In what I’m chalking up to my freakish body the sleeves that were almost to my fingertips a month ago are now just covering part of my hands. It’s a length I like well enough that I’m not frogging both sleeves so just they can be 1 inch shorter. Perhaps I have telescoping arms.

Want to see more?

New icord ties at a much more reasonable length. (one tie does still look long but it is actually only at mid thigh at the most)

And a closeup of the sleeve length.

Go me!!! 🙂

BTW, do you have any idea how hard it is to take a picture of yourself wearing a sweater without getting serious cleavage? I’m posting the most modest shot I got.