It’s official. I have finally updated my etsy shop. Feel free to browse and shop, I promise I won’t mind if you buy everything 🙂

I admit it is a little nerve-wracking everytime I do a shop update. Thoughts of “will anyone like it?” and even “does anyone like me?” run through my head even though I know my worth as a person isn’t calculated by how much fiber I sell. My only way of ignoring those thoughts is to dye stuff I like so worst case scenario I have more fiber to spin myself. Not that horrible if you ask me.

I had promised you a skeiner pic and here it is in all it’s glory amongst the clutter on the coffee table.

It works great and good old Dad even used brass screws so I wouldn’t have any issues with corrosion. It won’t win awards for being a sleek sexy design but damn it works well.

Since the skeiner was up and running I decided to tackle a little yarn.

A cat sized cone of yarn. That is just over 5lbs of superwash merino sock yarn that I’m doing to be dyeing up in an experiment. Nicki looks a little unsure doesn’t he? Poor guy just wanted dinner and he had to put up with being chased and carried around just so I could get a picture that referenced the size of the cone. Nicki is about 13lbs and a little bigger than the cone but Sammy who weighs in at a dainty 8lbs was nowhere to be found. 

As for knitting, the Fetching gloves were cast on yesterday and should be finished shortly. As always there is a modification because I was halfway through the first glove before I realized I hadn’t continued the 4×1 ribbing past the cable section. So my Fetching gloves will be a little simpler than the original but still soft and comfy.

The Selbu mittens are next on the list. The plan is to cast on as soon as Fetching is finished this afternoon and with the help of my handy mini Entrelac stitch markers I will hopefully be able to keep track of what I’m doing.